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December 17, 2008

Coil Gun

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Power Labs has put together a nice powerful Coil Gun. The principle behind most of these coil guns are the same however it looks like Sam has some nice tools that make the job a bit easier.

"The gun has been completed, and it works! I finalized the design so that I could show it on my presentation on electromagnetic accelerators -which mainly focused on the Rail Gun- for "The Daily Planet", on The Discovery Channel. It works well, with only a few bugs to sort out; mainly the coil is moving backwards with the recoil of firing and this is disconnecting it and wasting energy. Also the back EMF is sufficient to blow all the diodes on the power supply and charge up the capacitor bank in reverse to over 100 volts, so a back-emf protection circuit is a must. I expect some more high power tests and videos soon, including chronograph results and optimization. For now, enjoy this low power test video (capacitors charged to +- 1kJ)."


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5 Responses to “Coil Gun”

  1. Ben Wardill Says:

    so where is the video?

  2. Alan Parekh Says:

    There is a short video on the site.

  3. Alex Says:

    Powerlabs is something of a joke in the coilgun community. No innovation, just highly publicized mediocrity. I don’t think anyone would mind Sam Barros (there’s nothing wrong with building something simple just for fun) if it weren’t for his ego.

  4. Anothercoilgun Says:

    I say 4hv.org is THE JOKE in the coilgun community. Sam Barros first and foremost did and does his experiments unlike such a great many of wannabee planners and forum typers populating the halls of 4hv.org. He has accomplished a huge number of projects without payment for self discovery. Coilgunning is but a small part of his portfolio.

    And when you refer to “the” coilgun community you are in fact specifying 4hv.org because 4hv.org is the primary source of hypocritical slander disguised as a community. You also refer to the source of prevarications and hype. Hundreds of posts and members year after year quoting “I am planning on building…” Less then 5% actually do and amongst the lot of them rarely is there any actual real coilgun work.

    Each and every true experimenter that felt a since of self reliance and did not give in to the petty strong arm gestapo will of 4hv.org has be slandered against. I seen it time and again, well read it from a screen as it were. Take me for example, Anothercoilgun, from day one those glorified keyboard clerks negated me at every turn for years. The head admins there are stupid control freaks trying to flex their force over youngsters.

    I am a community and I say Sam Barros makes them look the but butt of the joke.

    P.S. This particular CG is old very old. Why bring it up now?

  5. therion Says:

    Sorry, but Powerlabs is really lame. It is just a bunch of non-interesting, mediocre stuff. I tend to ignore all links I found on search engines leading there – but it seems there’s lot of publicity for this useless site.

    Anyway, I hope Sam barros will start doing something else, and stop flooding the internet with his toys.

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