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December 11, 2008

LUTEC Engine

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Seems like there is tremendous amount of information over at LUTEC Australia PTY describing their technology but is any of it real? I have seen lots of claims over the years form companies like this but none of them have turned out to be feasible.

"In order to gain an understanding of the operation of a LEA (Lutec Electricity Amplifier) it must be understood that there are actually three separate and completely individual events occurring in the one machine. Each of the three is equally important because without one of them operating in a completely synchronistical manner with the others, the end result would not achieve the efficiency levels required. The LEA has been designed to maximize and exploit Events One Two and Three in a synchronous manner so as to produce a highly efficient means of generating electricity. It could be described as a tri-brid system. This harmonious triumvirate result has been accomplished by identifying and controlling the precise timing of input and output voltages; so to allow the separate Events to operate within the same space, using minimal shared components while retaining their original individual effects. Other applications for this technology could be water desalination, hydrogen production, highly efficient motors for plant, pumps, and machinery, or as a more efficient and cost effective drive for anything that turns spins or rotates."


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53 Responses to “LUTEC Engine”

  1. Daniel Says:

    It’s simple. Universities deliberately limit both professor and student knowledge, professors and students are the only ones who have any credibility. Those who weren’t “educated” through the system have the untainted intuition to think beyond, those who think beyond create devices which are labelled impossible by the professed, credible. These ideas and devices are then discredited and destroyed as the majority of people look to the “credible” for an opinion, and the ability to produce and share such innovation is squashed by fuckhead after fuckhead. Do yourselves a favour, you robotic wanker nay sayers, and ask why the technological discoveries founded by many great minds were not capitlised on and mass distributed today. “If it can’t be metered, means it cannot exist” does not mean it isn’t possible. Get a real education…your own.

  2. eric Says:

    The difference between a university and Lutec is that the university actually produces something. Universities produce research and graduates. Hell, even the drop-outs produce more good for the world than if they never went to school at all. You can call me “fuckhead,” “robo-wanker (which would be a better invention idea than an over-unity device that doesn’t break the reality barrier),” and anything else you can think of; it doesn’t change the first sentence. Sorry, don’t care. Lutec is doing one of two things:
    -creating an investment scam (run when you see “for sophisticated investors only”) with no over-unity technology
    -sitting on what may be part of the cure for the energy/environmental crisis doing nothing with it.
    Guess what isn’t happening: Lutec 1000 production.
    No one is blocking Lutec but Lutec. If there was a hint of reality to their claims by now a good Aussie university would bank roll their research. I sure as hell am not blocking Lutec and I don’t care if anyone else believes in them or not. I simply don’t anymore. It’s not a close minded scientist who killed the dream; it was all the attention seeking crackpots who still do not put-up and never shut-up.

    and STILL- “Please note – as of 25 June 2010, this Website is undergoing reconstruction. We thank you for your patience.

    If someone is proposing a solution that will fundamentally change the world gets energy, will change the geo-political situation of the world, and create a device that is going to power my family in my home or workplace, credibility is the price of entry!

  3. Robert Says:

    Anyone who has ever pulled on an electric security gate knows that the Lutec works. Those security gates use only 6 watts to hold 1,250 pounds of force. The rest is just mechanical engineering and a switch system that pulses the electromagnets.

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