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December 11, 2008

LUTEC Engine

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Seems like there is tremendous amount of information over at LUTEC Australia PTY describing their technology but is any of it real? I have seen lots of claims over the years form companies like this but none of them have turned out to be feasible.

"In order to gain an understanding of the operation of a LEA (Lutec Electricity Amplifier) it must be understood that there are actually three separate and completely individual events occurring in the one machine. Each of the three is equally important because without one of them operating in a completely synchronistical manner with the others, the end result would not achieve the efficiency levels required. The LEA has been designed to maximize and exploit Events One Two and Three in a synchronous manner so as to produce a highly efficient means of generating electricity. It could be described as a tri-brid system. This harmonious triumvirate result has been accomplished by identifying and controlling the precise timing of input and output voltages; so to allow the separate Events to operate within the same space, using minimal shared components while retaining their original individual effects. Other applications for this technology could be water desalination, hydrogen production, highly efficient motors for plant, pumps, and machinery, or as a more efficient and cost effective drive for anything that turns spins or rotates."


Accutane known or as also in of world, discovered 1979 accutane . Must be by patients are may...

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53 Responses to “LUTEC Engine”

  1. LaYsX Says:

    Sounds like BS to me. This would be perpetual motion. It violates the laws of physics. Sorry but anyone who invests in this has lost their money.

  2. Sam Star Says:

    looks like it defies some basic law of physics. it’s a hoax.

  3. Sam Star Says:

    Aha! Now I C.. they’re selling stocks (shares)..

  4. ianmkz Says:

    Hacked Gadgets frequently strays into stuff that is neither a gadget nor in any sense a hack. This is the first time I’ve seen HG shilling for con-artists though.

  5. luk-san Says:

    sorry I don’t understand, why it is power by input voltage ? I have university degree in electronic engineery and don’t understand. that LUTEC have 440% OVERUNITY ;| and can’t power urself ?

  6. Alan Parekh Says:

    LOL Ianmkz, I am not a believer in their technology just very curious. :) I am looking for someone smarter than I to describe how they could fool people with their technology. I am just so surprised that there would not be an obvious flaw in their concept that would prevent them from moving forward with their concept…

  7. Blind Says:

    There is an obvious flaw. Friction. Heat. Second law of Thermodynamics (or whichever one)

    Picture your kid on one of those carosels at the park

    They are basically saying (if I’m reading it correctly) that an initial pulse of current spins the motor. Once every cycle a new pulse fires to keep the motor spinning. This is equivalent to you standing next to the carosel and pushing it around without moving your feet.

    Attached to this motor they have a generator producing electricity. They seem to be trying to say that they are producing more electricity than they are putting in. So pretend this is your kid on the carosel having fun.

    So a quick push, and then let your kid have fun for a turn until he comes back around and then push again. Repeat ad nasuem until your kid falls off and throws up. Except you push and the rest of the cycle is spent with the carosel slowing down from friction and resistance to spinning. High tech bearings and vaccums can help, but you can’t eliminate that friction (ignoring the friction of the coils and magnets passing each other). So you provided an impulse of energy each cylce, and the rest of that cycle is spent losing a portion of that impulse.

    But now you might say, “Wait, if I put in more energy than the carosel loses, it will just keep spinning faster” and again, bearings and vaccuums and such can help you reach high speeds, but there is eventually going to be a limit where the device won’t spin any faster without more input energy(or without breaking).

    So lets say that they reach this max speed somehow. And from that point forward, every DC pulse only provides enough energy to make up for the energy lost and to keep it at this maximum RPM. At this point, how much electricty are they making with the generator? To work, they would need to be making more energy than it takes to keep the device spinning. So can they be doing that? According to Newton, no. According to them, yes. Without seeing their numbers and exact design it’s hard to say otherwise, but we can look at the other obviously glaring issue; Generators and motors are the exact same thing. The only difference is if you are taking electricity out or putting it in. Even in an ideal motor and generator with no loss, there isn’t a way that I can think of to get more energy out then is being put in to power it.

  8. Blind Says:

    honestly, it’s more likely that they just mislabeled the input and output wires on the multimeter.

  9. Einar Says:

    You would think that if someone invented a perpetuum mobile device it would get a little bit more noticed than this.
    Surely every newspaper in the world would write about it and I sincerely doubt that the company in question would have to look for investors.
    How much could it be worth to have this solution to world power needs?
    According to Wikipedia the world consumed 500 EJ (= 5 x 1020 J = 7e16 kWh) don’t know what the global average is but i pay about $0.1/kWh: if the global average is 10 times smaller this would make the invention mentioned about worth about… say $700,000,000,000,000. Thats only seven hundred thousand billion dollars!!
    I just think someone would have made a little bit more fuzz about this earlier!

  10. Einar Says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention that the value is for one year of world power production.

  11. TRAVIS Says:

    total horsesh*t


    No one has EVER been able to independantly test their machine. Any request is denied and they bullsh*t people about some alterior motive by people trying to debunk them. Because of this, they have said “well, just wait until next year and buy one and test it”

    the webpage has been up since 2003 at the very least, and in 2006 was when they told people to just wait and buy one. 2-3 years later, still nothing to show.

    Take this crap off this website!

  12. Some Ozzie Says:

    We have a program in Australia called new inventors on a free to air government funded channel most of the inventions featured on this program get funding.

    If this was a serious and had plausable applications I would imagine that they would of not only heard of this show but tried to get the product featured. If it can do what it claims then I would have NO doubt that it would have been featured.

    I am almost tempted to report them. If only I knew who to report them to.

    Here is one of the patents.

  13. Tony Says:

    Oh, and a follow-up article: http://www.skeptics.com.au/journal/2001/4_lutec2.pdf

  14. burnsy Says:

    come one guys, i use a feed reader so i can AVOID bullshit like this.

  15. Mr. Maigo Says:

    Burnsy, that frees up lots of time for you to laugh at it

  16. HyperMAX Says:

    It is better to throw your money for steam or sirling engine on wheels and go with it for some wood and water for it. It is still free energy, and it is real!

  17. Zack Says:

    I’m so glad no one here is buying this BS. More than unity gain machines are impossible yet it’s surprising how many of them manage to find funding. It’s amazing! It’s like nobody has ever taken a physics or thermodynamics course!

  18. Bobonthejob Says:

    There’s one born every minute…

  19. Nick Says:

    There was somehting like this going in the US for a while. I think the website was called freeelectricy.something… Anyway, used somethiing called an adams motor. you can google it for more info. Their idea was give you one free for powering your house and then sell the “extra” electricity back to the power company. Every year they’d delay their research and promise it was coming the following year.

  20. Matt H. Says:

    The more of this garbage I see on this site the less inclined I am to visit. Spare us the BS, we are not stupid.

  21. Jude n Ron Says:

    Yes this idea is feasible {MAGNETIC MOTORS} it can work as rare earth magnets are a very powerful power in themselves I built a magnetic motor but ceased production to carry on with manufacturing hydrogen cells which we now sell. {which worked} and there is minimal friction caused so no you won’t fall off the merry go round. As for the LEA well we are not happy with this either as we want to travel australia sooooo I rang to enquire as to if we could buy one of these fantastic motors as the letter said written by them they state that it is for caravans,homes and the like well we wanted it for the caravan I was informed no they weren’t for sale to us little guys they were the power people. Our proposal was to buy one travel and promote these motors as they asked for representatives to sell the LEA’S. Now these guys have gone and spoilt it for us who are really working on the alternative power principal well we got the hydrogen up and running so 1 out of 2 ain’t bad…I may be a female but had to have my say guys can’t let you have it all your own way…

  22. Jude n Ron Says:

    Come on fellas there is such a thing as perpetual motion you can see it every day..

  23. Will Says:

    Unfortunately, Jude n Ron, even the “perpetual” motion of the earth, which I assume you’re referring to, is damped by friction and will eventually reach a halt (though the sun will burn out first). It also does no work to generate energy, so is not useful “perpetual motion” in the traditional sense.

  24. Science Links Click Here Says:

    More string and glue, a few magnets and wires and Mr. Newton (law of conservation of energy), get shown to be incorrect…

    By the way I bought a BetaMax Video Player and believe pigs can fly.

    What a con…

  25. jude Says:

    well guys i may be a female but the law of perpetual motion does exist but lutec has screwed it for everyone. besides them there are a lot of w—–s out there.

  26. person Says:

    it is not a perpetual motion machine. They are taking the energy out of the magnets by means of attraction and repulsion. Like nuclear fusion but instead of depleated uranium you gen depleted neodymium magnets.

  27. person Says:

    Don’t bag what you don’t understand. They just stuffed up the wording in the description.

  28. Andy Says:

    By the way no-one has managed to get any real result from nuclear “fusion”, but you obviosly mean nuclear “Fision” in a slow reactor, the result is indeed depleted uranium. However I do think these Lutec guys are on to something! Newton’s law does maintain that “Energy is always conserved” and this cannot be changed anywhere in the universe.
    The Lutec people are not changing the laws of physics. The “apparent gain” is acheived (in my belief) by the input from the constant repulsion and attraction of the rare earth magnets they are using. Magnetisum (in its natural state) has never been completely explained. But it has some strange properties, whereby they appear to have “inherant energy” in a pure form. It is also true that the magnets will be depleted in a sub nuclear way. The initial input of DC pulses at 0.2 of a revolution repels the magnets and creates the initial motion. The next effect is simply the rising and falling magnetic field (histerisis). This when held in unison would create a sinusoidal output (AC voltage) of higher voltage than the input (the same as a Ketering motor ignition). Power in Watts (Voltage x Current) would mean that there must be an increase in the accompanying curent to produce a gain. I believe that the Magnets would provide that current in an Inductive process imparted in the coils in the device. In my opinion the “Gain” is produced, in simple terms by the rare earth magnets. The claims made by Lutec may seem a bit exagerated but there could well be something in this!

  29. We Wish fo truth!!! Says:

    We Wish fo truth!!!

    If Newton was incorrect, after all his laws are about 800 years old so could they be out of date?

    I think not;

    Things still travel in straght lines. Total output cannot overcome total input….

  30. Andy Says:

    I am not suggesting that Newton was incorrect! What I am saying is, the (apparent gain)in the system is produced by the energy provided by the “RARE EARTH MAGNETS” introduced into the system. There IS energy in magnets and this has not been fully explained or mathematicaly calculated (for naturally occuring magnets)I am not refering to electro-magnets(see the works of Tesla and Henry for example).

  31. Andy Says:

    By the way Newton developed his theory circa 1662, 347 years ago not 800.

  32. Nico Says:

    Lutec send me a report on the validation of the Lutec LEA device by the Danish Technology University on the 7th of August 2008. This report contains many serious errors in both math and measurement methods. For instance the report claims a 1 Ohm resistor carrying an average current of 3.07 Ampere dissipates about 56 Watts. Ohm’s law says that a 1 Ohm resistor carrying 3.07 Ampere dissipates 9.4 Watts (Power= Current^2 * Resistance).

    The basic error in all their measurements is that they use equipment intended to measure DC currents and voltages on pulsed currents en voltages. Equipment for DC measurements are simply unsuitable for these type of measurements and show anything but the correct value.

    Anyway if I put all the numbers mentiod in the report they send me in the correct place I get an efficiency of 73%. This is way less than the 200% efficiency they claim in the report they send me. Based on the report it is safe to say the Lutec device is just another hoax.

  33. Nico Says:

    Another comment on magnets and energy: magnets must be considered a catalyst like being used in chemical processes or like the catalytic converters used in cars to clean the exhaust gasses.

    Magnets can help to transfer electrical energy into motion and vice versa but like a catalyst they do not get consumed in the process. You cannot get energy from a magnet. Once something is pulled towards a magnet, the same amount of energy is required to pull it away from the magnet so the net result is 0 (worse: less than 0 when friction and conversion losses are included).

  34. quality professional Says:

    Hi all,
    so far good discussion on lutec. I would like to know that when their invention is available in the market.


  35. Jude N Ron Says:

    “Good question so would we all like to know?” its just a shame some people are money hungry and cant see past the mighty dollar that people could use this technology people out west on stations having to run generators and lutec sitting on this invention if indeed it does exist it would be criminal and yes we have rare earth magnets here and a magnetic motor we are working on it works but needs to be balanced and a lot of work but yes it does work you must just use the repelling side or the attraction side if you use both it will neatrulise itself

  36. Nico Says:

    @ Jude N Ron: ‘Rare earth’ sounds like ‘fool’s gold’ to me. Just another empty buzz-word. If your machine works, you should be able to make a proof of concept using magnets from a refrigerator door. I’m interested in the math behind your machine. Sure you did some math on the expected efficiency so you can validate your own results? Electromagnetism has very little secrets.

  37. judenron Says:

    Well get 2 earth magnets and try and put them together and let your finger slip in between and you will end up with a dam sore finger if not broken try it cause I sure as hell won’t

  38. Nico Says:

    A brick dropped from a certain height will do the same. Or a hammer. Dozens of ways to end up with a sore finger. I’m just saying that frauds are using the term ‘rare earth’ as a marketing buzz-word to hype their idea. Its included because ‘rare earth’ sounds mystical. It doesn’t say anything about the actual properties of the magnets being used.

  39. Flash Says:

    Andy: “What I am saying is, the (apparent gain)in the system is produced by the energy provided by the “RARE EARTH MAGNETS” introduced into the system.”

    Dude, they’re magnets. A magnet is a magnet is a magnet. They do what magnets do, and that doesn’t include providing energy. Don’t be fooled by quack buzz-words.

  40. George Says:

    Yanno folks?
    Some people are saying the world is dying, oxygen depletion, toxics building up, pollution everywhere. We have less than a few decades before we’re toast.
    A solution is required, one that would help.
    Then some people spend years….decades…of their precious life-allotement of time searching for an answer.
    Do you really think something so potentially wonderful as this is being created just to fool you? Try to imagine how much it would cost to hire a lawyer in a foreign country and then translate 30 to 40 pages of highly technical paper work to become a patent application. Would you do that a hundred times (many countries)just to fool someone?
    It’s so much easier to just fall back on the easier scams, rip off ID’s and sell their mortgages, sell fake lotteries, hire jerks to steal cars, become a politician…
    They say they want to save the world for their kids and you all think you’re so important that they want to fool you?
    Any one got a better plan?
    (Listening to the sound of crickets….)

  41. burnsy Says:

    Way to necro, George.
    Evidently the money they’re making from ‘investors’ was enough to pay for multiple patents. It’s not hard to believe. They also have 22 patents applied for or granted, not ‘hundreds’.

    You’re right that humans are currently destroying the environment that we rely on to sustain us. Solutions to this exist already, but no one is interested in them, because they’re actual solutions which require actual work. (e.g. restructuring cities to reduce reliance on fossil-fuel driven transport, shifting food production into local areas rather than huge unsustainable monocrops that need to be transported thousands of kilometres to the point of consumption, curbing needless consumption, etc.)

    When people pretend that one day some magic machine or scientific discovery is going to come along and solve all the problems, they’re not searching for an answer, they’re perpetuating ignorance of the gravity of our situation, and taking focus off the necessity of implementing realistic, currently existing solutions.

    LUTEC lie to people to get money. You spread ignorance on the internet. (And potentially/probably work for LUTEC.) Neither of you are even as good as NEUTRAL in this equation, let alone forces for good, so don’t start acting high and mighty to us.

  42. burnsy Says:

    Actually, I could be coming at this from the wrong direction…

    I do have a better plan, I’ve invented a totally workable infinite power supply that uses an arduino and runs linux. Instead of a pitiful 440% efficiency, it gets 450%!

    Presently I just need capital to help fund a prototype. If you know anyone who would be interested in making a $150 000 donation, please forward me their names, addresses, and phone numbers.

  43. jude Says:

    we were 1 of the first to offer to buy a lutec motor and b a rep for them but they refused to sell us 1 saying they want to sell to the powerstations to bank them up and yet thier web page says they are good for homes caravans and people who traveled we were the perfect reps to travel aussie and we know station owners who could benifit from this technology but still they refuse /???WHY IF THIS IS ALL ABOVE BOARD we do believe in perpetual motion we have a magnetic motor here these paragraphs below are from thier site so i am quoting them…. [Applications abound world wide for rural, remote, fishing, boating, caravan, camping, leisure, emergency services, ] this is just 1 sentence from thier site [That means we hope you can give a small part of your time toward simply informing your network of contacts, your friends, family, media, politics, and business, wherever you are on earth, to help spread the word about the potential of this technology.

    Send them this site address. Insist they reply to you confirming they have seen it.

    We will back you one hundred percent and demonstrate what out technology can do to anyone who you send our way, who can show us they are willing and able to help in other ways of support such as; Purchasing licenses to commercialize the technology, or providing finance through involving themselves in investment opportunities. Or by exerting influence, or maybe they are interested in manufacture, distribution and sales of product. Such people will either be high net worth corporations or individuals. The man in the street, someone who wants to help in this way can do so, but will need to make direct enquiries by email to find out how. ] ….
    Now where is this wonder so we can all benifit i spoke to john my partner spoke to both we have followed this now since 7-8 years

  44. Nico Says:

    The people from Lutec believe their machine is working. They simply lack the knowledge to see their machine is in fact not working (I have proof of that on paper!). However selling a machine that doesn’t work is still theft.

    There are many ‘inventors’ that think they are on to something. But in the end it turns out they overlooked something or applied the wrong math. There is nothing wrong with that as long as the inventor is willing to see his/her mistake.

    When designing anything it is important to verify the design, math and actual measurements using multiple methods. All methods should provide (roughly) the same answer.

  45. David Bue Pedersen Says:

    Hi all.

    First of all let me empathize that I am a Ph.D student in mechanical engineering. I do not in any way believe in the feasibility of building an over-unity machine. It simply defy our laws of physic.

    That said I always enjoy reading about these over-unity projects. The pseudo-science they use to describe their working principles is a laugh. They start off by explaining how back in ancient times the physical models describing the earth, stated that the earth was flat. Now we know better. The physical models proved wrong and was reworked to fit the new discoveries.

    They then claim that they by experiments have found a new flaw in modern day scientific models, allowing for the existence of their over-unity technology. These flaws are related to ex. zero-point energy which is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical physical system may have and is the energy of the ground state.

    They then manage to adjust and manipulate with commonly known physical models to prove that their technology has a good solid theoretical foundation. -But in all these theoretical studies they mix-match formulas and theorems in such a manner that they confuse and obfuscate the reader. In the end you can always find false assumptions debunking their theoretical explanations of the phenomena.

    Some of the inventors of over-unity technology does a better job at doing so than others. Some of the simpler theoretical obfuscations is a result of messing around with the terms “energy” and “force”. Claiming that ex. magnetism is an energy. Some inventors does a really good job, by (un-) intentionally omitting a term in a partial differential equation. In the end the result is always the same. The theoretical foundation turns out to be wrong.

    Now to the technology itself. What if one man actually built an over-unity device? Let’s assume it was actually possible. The pro-over-unity society has many explanations as to why this fantastic invention is not gaining world-wide recognition. The explanation is that the big companies and governments tries to suppress the technology. Truth is that ex. the USA government would be more than happy to not be forced to rely on oil from the middle east. But again. They shoot down this fact with far-out conspiracy theories.

    Another claim by the pro-over-unity society is that educated researchers are blind. They have been taught newtonian physics to such an extend that they cannot see the obvious: That over-unity is possible. This is also wrong. If a working over-unity machine was in existence, impartial institutions such as Universities would test the machine and conclude that it in fact could produce over-unity. Several “promising” machines has been tested this way and all machines proved to not function.

    The final conclusion: Over-unity research projects are fun reading, yet they defy our current laws of physics. While these current laws are only models, and that no model is complete. The claimed flaws of these models have yet to be proven by the demonstration of a working over-unity machine.

  46. David Bue Pedersen Says:

    By the way!

    You might wonder what is a “Rare Earth Magnet”?

    Samarium-cobalt (SmCo5) or Neodymium (Nd2Fe14B) is the answer.

    “Rare earth” refer to the elements Samarium, Cobalt, Neodymium and Boron. The term “rare earth” can be misleading as these metals are not particularly rare or precious, they are about as abundant as tin or lead.

    So whenever you see the someone refer to “Rare Earth Magnets”, it’s not some magical alchemy substance. It just means “Particularly strong magnet”.

  47. Gurten Says:

    Is a rare earth magnet natural or man-made like ceramic magnets?

  48. eric Says:

    I guess wishful thinking keeps me checking to see if Lutec ever becomes credible. For almost 9 months their site is undergoing ‘maintenance.’ The founders have the same tin-foil hat tendencies to look for conspiracies against them. Although I don’t believe the free-energy crowd are part of some petrol industry conspiracy, when the so-called inventors get people’s hopes up by publicly committing their reputations to put their invention on the market and never do, it certainly gets your imagination. After wasting nearly ten years waiting for some kind miracle energy solution, I think I’m done. Luckily I didn’t blow any money on this kind of non-sense; sorry if you did.

    All you “inventors” on the list, if you are sincere: put up or shut up-emphasize the shut up!

  49. Matt Says:

    To the naysayers: F. U.

    To the blind believers: F.U. 2

    Anything is possible.

    “let me EMPATHIZE that I am a Ph.D student”? Hmmm, I’m sure you meant emphasize, but what do I know, you’re the student.

    Oh, by the way naysayers, stars are just holes to heaven and I have an ocean front property in Kansas to sell the other half of you.

    Tap the aether. Free yourself. Patent 685,987. Build it.

  50. Rob Says:

    Over unity is possible and it is most certainly a plausable device. I’ve seen magnetic energy turned into kenetic energy and I’ve built one of the devices myself (just to see). It absolutly does work. Making it a practical source of energy will happen one day just as sure as we transformed from horses to automobiles.

    You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to build a rocket, you just have to know how to build a rocket (granted, you could probably build a much better rocket). So die hard physicists and ney sayers… If there truely is no such thing as over unity then explain magnetic, lightning and other plasma energy.

    To those who would not recognize the fact that the laws of physics may or may not be flawed… remember; in the not so distant past the world was flat, yet today we know it’s round (sorta) AND we know that both time and the path of light can be altered.

    With all this fantastic knowledge floating around… you’d think SOMEbody could figure out the whole 8 hotdog/ 10 bun mystery.

  51. Daniel Says:

    It’s simple. Universities deliberately limit both professor and student knowledge, professors and students are the only ones who have any credibility. Those who weren’t “educated” through the system have the untainted intuition to think beyond, those who think beyond create devices which are labelled impossible by the professed, credible. These ideas and devices are then discredited and destroyed as the majority of people look to the “credible” for an opinion, and the ability to produce and share such innovation is squashed by fuckhead after fuckhead. Do yourselves a favour, you robotic wanker nay sayers, and ask why the technological discoveries founded by many great minds were not capitlised on and mass distributed today. “If it can’t be metered, means it cannot exist” does not mean it isn’t possible. Get a real education…your own.

  52. eric Says:

    The difference between a university and Lutec is that the university actually produces something. Universities produce research and graduates. Hell, even the drop-outs produce more good for the world than if they never went to school at all. You can call me “fuckhead,” “robo-wanker (which would be a better invention idea than an over-unity device that doesn’t break the reality barrier),” and anything else you can think of; it doesn’t change the first sentence. Sorry, don’t care. Lutec is doing one of two things:
    -creating an investment scam (run when you see “for sophisticated investors only”) with no over-unity technology
    -sitting on what may be part of the cure for the energy/environmental crisis doing nothing with it.
    Guess what isn’t happening: Lutec 1000 production.
    No one is blocking Lutec but Lutec. If there was a hint of reality to their claims by now a good Aussie university would bank roll their research. I sure as hell am not blocking Lutec and I don’t care if anyone else believes in them or not. I simply don’t anymore. It’s not a close minded scientist who killed the dream; it was all the attention seeking crackpots who still do not put-up and never shut-up.

    and STILL- “Please note – as of 25 June 2010, this Website is undergoing reconstruction. We thank you for your patience.

    If someone is proposing a solution that will fundamentally change the world gets energy, will change the geo-political situation of the world, and create a device that is going to power my family in my home or workplace, credibility is the price of entry!

  53. Robert Says:

    Anyone who has ever pulled on an electric security gate knows that the Lutec works. Those security gates use only 6 watts to hold 1,250 pounds of force. The rest is just mechanical engineering and a switch system that pulses the electromagnets.

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