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December 6, 2008

Sun Track – Reflects Light into your Home

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Lack of sunlight at this time of year has many people experiencing Seasonal affective disorder (SAD). One way to overcome SAD is to be exposed to bright lights, with this Sun Track project you could reflect bright sunlight into your house where you may otherwise just have a dimly lit room.

"The sunTrack system can reflect the sun in my house and keep the reflection all day. That way it is possible to have a lot of light in my living room which is facing east. The rotor are two DiSEqC H-H Motor SG-2100A for dishes, electronics removed and connected to a cat-5 cable Need only the motor and hall sensor. A DCF receiver sets the time to a timer chip, the pic processor 18F2520 calculates the position of the sun. The reflection position (3 positions possible) is calculated and the mirrors are adjusted every 20 seconds."