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December 5, 2008

Fisher & Paykel Smart Drive Washing Machine Wind Generator

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I have seen a few articles about using these Fisher & Paykel Smart Drive washing machine motors as a starting point to make a wind generator. Once modified it looks to be a great inexpensive means to make electricity. Randy’s Workshop has some good documentation on how to modify these motors to be used as a generator.

"This Fisher & Paykel Smart Drive Permanent Magnet motor is comprised of a hub, stator, main shaft, two bearings and a bearing holder. The Stator is stationary and comprised of 42 wound coils. The ends of the windings are easily accessible for re-wiring. Since this doesn’t have brushes, when the hub is spun it actually becomes an alternator producing AC current."


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18 Responses to “Fisher & Paykel Smart Drive Washing Machine Wind Generator”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Nothing too special here – though it’s nice if the builders are recycling parts from broken washers. The biggest trouble with windmill electrical generation is, as always, regulation and storage.

  2. Rehab2021 Says:

    Another more plentiful possibility would be to use a brushless motor used in certain wheelchairs- Google “Invacare GB motor”. Pretty heavy though at around 20 kilos for these.

  3. CNC Machine built using Washing Machine Motors - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] the Fisher & Paykel Smart Drive Washing Machine Wind Generator from earlier this month? Well it looks like there is more uses for those motors! How about […]

  4. Untung Suharto Says:

    any body help me looking for FP washing machine motor drive?

    Thank you.

  5. ivan19 Says:

    Hi everyone,yes i have the Fisher & Paykel smart drive generator kits forsale on trademe.

    the kits are rewired 12volt dc with bridge rectifiers

    my membership name is ivan19 i will be listing the kits on there from now on.

  6. Patrick Dempsey Says:

    Iam interested in any info you can provide.

  7. Peter Allison Says:

    I can’t find any reference to Fisher Paykel smart drive units on http://www.trademe.co.nz . So, what’s going on ivan19?

  8. Cerebral222 Says:

    Does anyone know the specs on this smart drive, ie: Max voltage output, & RPM required? Cheers.

  9. Readyakira Says:

    These units can make hundreds of volts. They are usually rewired to 12,24,48v applications. They seem to produce about 500w when designed properly.

  10. klaus Says:

    we use many fischer pycle wind turbines in coober pedy south australia for many
    years great output off 600watts peak @ (25amps cont)keep up the good work

  11. hello mr ivan you said you have a smart drive motor for washing machine how much money you will sale that motor ???? Says:

    i iwant to buy a smart drive motor about 6 motor with include electrical wiring and the rectifier ???? pls reply to my email (( panyolito_1929@yahoo.com )) thnak you

  12. hello mr ivan you said you have a smart drive motor for washing machine how much money you will sale that motor ???? Says:

    sir can you give me a complate wiring connection and the rectifier connection pls sir ….

  13. Po Says:

    i have a fisher paykel smartdrive washer if someone wants in atlanta,ga

  14. fast_arrow Says:

    Hi Po

    I`m from Atlanta. Can you tell me the price for smartdrive? and some specifications? Thank you!

  15. Tony Says:

    Hello, i would like more info on this motor, is there a certain model and year only to to convert this and where can i get the step by step instrutions on how to also build it it would make a very interesting project , thank you

  16. Bro Says:

    Hey there,

    Currently my fisher and paykel generator produces extremely low current and very high voltage. Current is in the milli amp range.

    And when I connect it to a low resistance it is very hard to turn but with a high resistance its very easy to turn..

    How can I modify my turbine to get a good output power. I really need a good amount of volts and current. Will be extremely happy if it even goes above 20Watts. So far it is only producing 0.23 milli watts…

    Please help!!!

  17. Str8rd365 Says:

    the L.G. front load and top load washers have the same basic 3 phase design and are pretty easy to find.

    hoping to have a working proto-type soon.

  18. Lidl generator - Page 3 Says:

    […] have a stack of old batteries and the field and let this little gem charge them up all week 🙂 Fisher & Paykel Smart Drive Washing Machine Wind Generator – Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blo… Goblin 700, Vbar Silverline, Savox SC-1267MG / SB-2272MG.Scorpion opto 130. Align 750mx […]

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