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November 29, 2008

Video Camera Rocket Mount

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If you ever wanted to mount a camera onto a model rocket this article makes for a good read. A custom mold was made to securely hold the camera in place.
Project page.

"So here is the awkward part. The camera must be TURNED ON when I install it in the rocket. It doesn’t need to be recording, that can be controlled with the poking stick. But it must be turned on when inserted because once in the rocket, there is no way to access the power button. It’s not a real big deal, but it does take a little time, and at a time when time is precious. I get the rocket all ready to go, altimeters, parachutes, ejection charges, motor, all installed. Then go check in with the RSO, get them to call in for a waiver, go to the launch pad and install the camera. That means turning it on, wedging it into the lower plug, pressing in the upper plug, positioning the nose cone section, and screwing in all those little screws. It takes 2 minutes, not counting time spent looking for dropped screws – I’ve learned to take a few extras, and a magnet. Then when the ignitor is installed, and the rocket is up on the rail, I would stand on a tippy little stool, poke the RECORD button, and strain to see if it were actually recording. My fear is that I would "bounce" the button, stopping the recording. More recently, I’ve started the camera recording with the rail horizontal, where it is much easier to work on and to see. I can even cover the camera section and my head with a towel to reduce the glare, see if it is recording or not, and get the guys at the flight line to laugh at me. Then it is raised to firing position."


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  1. lauren Says:

    How did the video turn out?

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