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November 16, 2008

AVR Microcontroller Based Video Game

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This AVR Microcontroller Based Video Game board is very well made for a prototype board! It goes to show that with the power of a modern day microcontroller you can do what used to take many huge boards full of electronics not that long ago.

"When I started with the AVRs, i was wondering if it would be possible to create a fluid game like Super Mario Bros, based solely on theese awesome MCUs, to generate video by software, without any external components. I searched the web and found many AVR based fixed tile engines, suitable for tetris etc. Then, after some time and experimenting, I found the legendary color m16-based AVR Pacman project, written by Albert Seward. Mr. Pacman and Ghosts in his project moved smoothly, without jumping the tiles. I adopted the excelent idea – mapping tile graphics both to RAM and PGM – from his driver and the platform begin to grow."



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4 Responses to “AVR Microcontroller Based Video Game”

  1. The voice in your head Says:

    Cool! That thing’s actually more powerful and has higher resolution than the original Game Boy. I bet the graphics system has less features though. :-p And this thing’s small enough to be built right into a controller or handheld.

    What’s that song? It sounds awesome.

  2. Jack Says:

    Impressive! It really is pretty amazing what today’s uC’s can do!

  3. AVGA - AVR video games, Mario and Pac-Man clones... » Developages - Development and Technology Blog Says:

    […] The AVGA p&#114oject &#105s an &#111pen s&#111&#117rce (&#73t’s GP&#76, &#98&#117t &#105t says “don’t m&#97&#107e money with it”) &#65VR base&#100 color &#118i&#100eo game &#100e&#118elo&#112me&#110t &#112lat&#102orm &#102or a si&#110gle chi&#112 game co&#110sole &#118ia &#72acke&#100Ga&#100ge&#116s. […]

  4. Cool toys and Gadgets » Blog Archive » AVGA - AVR video games, Mario and Pac-Man clones… Says:

    […] The AVGA project is an open source (It’s GPL, but it says “don’t make money with it”) AVR based color video game development platform for a single chip game console via HackedGadgets. […]

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