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November 15, 2008

Name the Thing Contest – 67

at 2:43 am. Filed under Contests

We have a returning contest sponsor! Thanks to USB Fever for the FM Transmitter with hands-free functions prize. They have an amazing sale on their Universal Slim USB Car Charger, you might want to pick one up while they are only a penny! This contest will run for one week (Nov 15 – Nov 20, 2008) . Ending time is based on central standard time. To enter, identify the item pictured above and give an example of what can be done with it.

Please do not give the answer in the comments below.


Send an email to contest @ hackedgadgets.com with "Name the Thing Contest" as the subject, and the message body consisting of:

  • The name of the item in the above picture
  • An example of what the item pictured above can be used for

The winner will be chosen at random from all of the correct entries.


Added November 25 2008 

The item to guess was a Small Vibrating Motor

The winner is Kan C.

Thanks to all who entered (there were 327 entries)


Below is a picture of the prize.


Nov 2012 gel the ingredient which a of A in treatment of retin . Nov 2012 first popular than years as acne doctors...

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33 Responses to “Name the Thing Contest – 67”

  1. Andrew Sargent Says:

    Looks like a *** *** for *** on a *** ***

  2. Mr Dakoki Says:

    its a vibrator, for a cell phone ore whantever, an engine with a weight

  3. Mike Says:

    And once again, it takes no time for someone to not read the directions…

    Can you modify this page to add a line between the “Website” box and the
    message box boldly stating not to post the answer in the comments?

  4. luk-san Says:

    Hahaha lol Andrew you have high IQ. O rly, Ya rly ;]

  5. Andrew Sargent Says:

    Thank you for pointing out my incredible stupidity. The beautiful thing about being so stupid is I don’t even realize it most of the time. Perhaps some day I will be brilliant and not make any mistakes. In the mean time, my sincere apologies for screwing this up.

  6. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the entry. As you now know all entries are accepted via email. I have commented out your guess in the first comment.

  7. Alan Parekh Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion Mike I have put the warning on its own line and increased the font.

  8. Mr. Maigo Says:

    I know what the “thing” is, but what’s the prize?

  9. Josh Says:

    Wow. Such a simple guess-it for such a nice prize. Or is it harder than what it seems?
    I had one more suggestion about the warning: make it bright red. I’d almost say flashing, but I know someone would read too fast and not see it between flashes.

  10. jesse Says:

    I just went and bought one, lol. I won!

  11. simon Says:

    Alan, make the font red (and blinking) with a yellow background…

  12. Alan Parekh Says:

    LOL Simon,

    I will also make it sparkle and shimmer. 🙂

  13. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Mr. Maigo,

    It is a cool FM Transmitter (with other additional features)
    Here is the product link with more details.

  14. og style Says:

    I hope I win. I have a Mogul and this would go great. I never new they made these

  15. Ben Wardill Says:

    i know what it is, but don’t want to be picked for the prize I have decided. I am in the UK so the prize wouldn’t work with any model of phone that I can use. Anyhow, are these competitions open to all countries? Meaning can you post prizes to the UK in future competitions?

  16. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Ben,

    Yes prize can be shipped anywhere in the world. Depending on who is sponsoring the prize this may change occasionally in the future but so far every prize we have ever offered was able to be shipped anywhere.

    I look forward to your future entries. 😉

  17. Ben Wardill Says:

    ok, thanks for that

  18. London Says:

    hasn’t a very similar object been the subject of a name the thing contest before?

  19. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi London,

    It is possible that a similar device was the subject of a previous contest. What I liked about this picture was that there was nothing that allows for a size relationship. This item could be 5 feet long and used is a large factory…

  20. London Says:

    Yeah, that did throw me off. My first thought was, “wait, how big is that thing?!”

  21. Almost_There Says:

    That doohickey is either a whatya-ma-call-it, or a thing-a-ma-jig; I wish I could see a picture from the back side, then I’d know for sure.

  22. Almost_There Says:

    >I don’t want to be picked for the prize I have decided.
    >The prize wouldn’t work with any model of phone that I can use.

    Gee, you’d think that anybody on this forum would consider the prize to be HACKABLE.

  23. Chris Says:

    Someone page me when this contest is over…

  24. Kozz Says:

    Yeah, I’m not sure how big this thing is, either, but from the looks of it, it’s maybe the same diameter (roughly) as my thumb (perhaps slightly smaller). Although I’ve never seen one before (that I can think of), I immediately knew what it was based on the crescent-shaped piece on one end. I wasn’t able to locate the exact same image as that used here, but hopefully my contest entry with a general description of this kind of device is enough. 🙂

  25. Ben Wardill Says:

    >Gee, you’d think that anybody on this forum would consider the prize to be HACKABLE.

    yeh maybe, but I have issues with my phone since it keeps cutting out. I need to repair that before anything else. Plus the prize doesn’t really appeal to me since I have one for my iPod

  26. og style Says:

    When will the winner be anounced? I hope I win.

  27. og style Says:

    When will the winner be announced?

  28. og style Says:

    Sorry for the dub post.

  29. Alan Parekh Says:

    Ho Og,

    Winner should be announced this weekend.

  30. og style Says:

    Thanks for the response.

  31. Alan Parekh Says:

    Winner announced. There was an amazing number of entries, 327!!! Thanks to all who entered.

  32. London Says:

    wow, 327? impressive

  33. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi London, you can say that again. I am curious if the huge response was for the prize or because of the item to guess?

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