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November 12, 2008

Flat Bulb – Why are bulbs round?

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This Flat Bulb an interesting bulb design. It seems like when something revolutionary is developed future designs tend to be very similar. Is there a good reason for light bulbs to be round?

"flat bulb is designed by korean designer joonhuyn kim. unlike ordinary bulbs its volume is 1/3 smaller, reducing the cost of packaging and transport. its slim shape allows bulbs to be easily stacked and prevents breakage as it does not roll. his work was on display as part of 100% design tokyo."

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19 Responses to “Flat Bulb – Why are bulbs round?”

  1. therian Says:

    a yer before US forbid sell bulbs

  2. Bill Says:

    Bulbs are ’round’ to withstand atmospheric pressure with a thin light glass envelope.
    The glass in this design must be considerably thicker, thus what is saved in packaging volume is probably lost in weight

  3. Michael Says:

    Bulbs are round because the sphere is structurally rigid around the vacuum. Notice how it looks like he had to use 3x or more glass for a non-round bulb. The thinness of normal bulbs is what causes their fragility, not rolling.

  4. Michael Says:

    Man…pwned by the “simul-post.” 🙁

  5. Sam Star Says:

    in these modern days, many bulbs are manufactured with inactive gas inside, such as argon or helium, and so the atmospheric pressure difference is very little. thin glass can be used for bulbs with shapes other than sphere.


  6. Pragma Says:

    Shine a light through anything that has a non-uniform shape, like a hexagonal Florentine, and you’ll see why. A perfectly round bulb throws light evenly in all directions except past the socket. A flat blub like this one will generate caustics from where the glass is thicker at the corners. So your lampshade and the wall behind your lamp will look kind of strange as a result.

  7. London Says:

    I’d buy it, it’s modern, new age, what’s not to love

    except of course the fact that it isn’t an energy saving bulb

  8. Mr. Maigo Says:

    We call this a stupid question, why not just coat the filaments in glass?

  9. Sam Star Says:

    Damn, man! you’re creative!

  10. What is Technorati? | Tamara's Blog Says:

    […] Flat Bulb – Why are bulbs round? […]

  11. Bill Says:

    why not just coat the filaments in glass? – it would melt

  12. Bill Says:

    …coat the filaments in glass? – The glass envelope around a bulb has two functions:
    one, to contain the low pressure inert gas . Two, to stop anything coming into contact with the white hot filament.

  13. David Says:

    Modern Bulbs are Compact Florescent (CFL). Why make a flat incandescent when it going to be banned anyway.

  14. William Ruckman Says:

    The problem is that current sockets for bulbs are round, meaning that when you screw this in there will be a void between the bulb and the sockets wall. Which means someone could stick something in there by mistake. and if the socket wasn’t round, then you couldn’t screw it in!

  15. p3ngwin Says:

    “…someone could stick something in there by mistake…”

    it’s pandering to people that do those kind of idiotic things that keeps the rest of careful people from evolving to our potential.

    if people ignore warning sign and mess with things they know not enough about, then let natural selection take it’s course.

  16. therian Says:

    “when you screw this in there will be a void between the bulb and the sockets wall”

    what about empty socket
    go on stick something in empty socket dirty dirty boy

  17. o dude Says:

    it is a creative idea but wen it comes
    down to it the bulb is impractical. mabye
    for artistic purposes but that is about it.

  18. Jayne Says:

    Wow, that’s awesome looking, however I feel that the round shape of a bulb gives off more and even lighting. This is pretty cool looking, because it’s so different.

  19. Duncan McKenzie Says:

    Incandescent light bulbs contain a mix of argon and nitrogen gas at normal pressure. The round bulbs are made that way because they employed the same methods used to blow bottles and other glassware, and the shape has become fast and dirt cheap to make, but many other shapes are possible. Many older bulbs were cylindrical. One advantage to a wider bulb is that there is less chance for the filament to touch (and melt) the glass. Here are some failed attempts at homemade light bulbs. http://www.randombytes.org/lamps_old.html

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