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November 10, 2008

RFID Beer Cooler Lockdown

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The Revision 3 show Systm has been on and off since it was introduced many years ago. It looks like it’s now here to stay so we can expect to see videos on a  regular basis. Patrick Norton will be joined by  David Calkins which should make the shows very interesting and informative. This episode talks about installing a RFID lock in your bar fridge, the locking mechanism is activated by a servo that is controlled by Parallax and Trossen Robotics equipment.

Trossen Robotics RFID Equipment

Parallax RFID Equipment

"RFID, or Radio Frequency ID, is everywhere: key cards in office buildings, electronic tollbooths and even passports. But how do you take that technology and use it for something a little more personal? Today on Systm we will be looking at how RFID technology works and demonstrate one possible use for around the home by building our very own RFID-enabled beer safe. It’s just the thing to keep your brew safe from thirsty and inconsiderate roommates, friends or even in-laws! "