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October 30, 2008

LinkInk Digital Accelerometer Pen – PIC32 Design Challenge Entry

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This LinkInk Digital Accelerometer Pen could be the future of pen input. It is another entry in the PIC32 Design Challenge. Looks like there is stiff competition between the top design projects. I am very curious to see how well an accelerometer will be able to represent pen based writing. If it has sufficient resolution to complete this task I wonder if it could be used to generate 3D work? Simply trace around a 3D item to have it recreated as a digital model.

"A 3D accelerometer constantly keeps track of the pen’s position. This means you can write on any type of paper, or any surface at all, and be able to import your notes, drawings, doodles, and sketches into your favorite image editing software. Write on a table, on a wall, or even upside-down. The LinkInk Digital Pen is ready to capture it all!"



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2 Responses to “LinkInk Digital Accelerometer Pen – PIC32 Design Challenge Entry”

  1. John Says:

    This is an awesome possibility. A year ago I was mulling over something like this, though decided it was definitely beyond my scope of expertise and time. Glad to see someone else also had the idea and is working on making the concept a reality.

  2. Miles Says:

    Good idea, but I think the Pulse SmartPen by Livescribe beat you to it.

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