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October 28, 2008

BUMS Project – Bathroom Utilities Management System – PIC32 Based

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Microchip (the makers of the popular PIC Microcontroller) are in the middle of a great contest called the PIC32 Design Challenge. There are many phases to this contest, currently the hardware phase is being conducted. After this phase the current 128 participants will be down to only 32. This contest is bringing out some great projects from some creative minds! This Bathroom Utilities Management System by Brent Morse is a fine example of this, it may sound impractical however at times I wish I had a system just like it in my house.

"The PIR sensor is used to detect when someone enters the room, the system will then turn on the lights, the door contacts and the pressure sensor will be used in conjuction with the PIR to determine if someone is still in the room, (possibly sitting on the toilet!) so the lights wont turn off while the person is still in the room. Each user will have an RFID tag or iButton , so each users utility usage can be datalogged on the PC. Each user will have a preset amount of time in the shower, the system will alert the user when their time is almost up. The Proximity sensor will be used to detect a user and control the faucet water flow. The humidity sensor will be used to control the exhaust fan, if someone is using the shower, or steam builds up in the room, the exhaust fan will be turned on automatically. An application on the PC side will enable the Administrator to override any functions remotely, or view"