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October 27, 2008

Twittering Teddy Bear using Arduino Microcontroller

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This creative hack allows you to modify a teddy bear to read all of your tweets coming from Twitter.

"Guru Alison and I performed some, uh, innovative 2.0 surgery on an old childhood friend. The result: a real-time Twittering, talking, live-streaming social media phenomenon. I worked with my team at the Drexel Music and Entertainment Technology Lab to develop Teddy’s text-to-speech software.

* Animatronic Teddy Bear
* USB Bluetooth Adapter
* Programmable Circuit Board
* Programmable source code
* USB Cable
* Bluetooth music adapter
* An H Bridge Integrated Circuit Chip
* 5V Voltage Regulator
* LM386 OP AMP
* Mono Mini Jack Socket
* Mini to Mini Jack Cable
* DC 6V Power adapter
* Power adapter Socket
* 4 AA batteries
* Text-to-speech software
* Twitter Account
* Internet Connection (FiOS recommended)
* Common Screwdriver
* Needle Nose Pliers
* Wire Strippers & Cutters
* Bread Board
* Solid Core Wire
* Led, Capacitor & Resistors
* Soldering Gun & Solder (Optional)"




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6 Responses to “Twittering Teddy Bear using Arduino Microcontroller”

  1. MIKY Says:

    how much verizon paid you ??
    for saying fios is recommended???

    optimum boost is fester then verizon fios and optimum has lot stable connection then verizon

  2. MIKY Says:

    and for project nothing impressive for me??

  3. MIKY Says:

    stupid Gadgets, stupid Hacks, DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks, What Were They Thinking

  4. John Says:

    @MIKY: After seeing the sleek professional intro and production values of the video, I think it was a given that they’re a “for-profit” group.


    They definitely need a better TTS voice, but aside from that, I think it’s an interesting project. What I find worth contemplation here is the other types of physical manifestations that may be hacked/leveraged for relaying all this “ambient awareness” data from twitter feeds, blog post, flicker photos, fb news feeds, weather services, etc. I know there was a display device made explicitly for just streaming internet data to a desktop (can’t remember the name), but it seemed somewhat redundant when next to a computer. I can think of microwave displays, oven timers, etc anything with an lcd being hacked for this purpose, but the audio / doll route here is a new direction, wonder what other paths there may be…?

  5. Must-Have-Gadget: Der twitternde Teddybär Says:

    […] Ein paar Gurus von 2pointhome.com haben sich ein bischen Zeit genommen und einen twitternden Teddybär zusammengebastelt. […]

  6. Twitter Bear « Says:

    […] found this little bit over at hackedgadgets.  Seems someone has hacked an animatronic teddy bear to speak twitter feeds out loud, wirelessly. an impressive feat of gadgetry, to be sure.  My only qualm is that they chose to use this […]

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