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October 27, 2008

Twittering Teddy Bear using Arduino Microcontroller

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This creative hack allows you to modify a teddy bear to read all of your tweets coming from Twitter.

"Guru Alison and I performed some, uh, innovative 2.0 surgery on an old childhood friend. The result: a real-time Twittering, talking, live-streaming social media phenomenon. I worked with my team at the Drexel Music and Entertainment Technology Lab to develop Teddy’s text-to-speech software.

* Animatronic Teddy Bear
* USB Bluetooth Adapter
* Programmable Circuit Board
* Programmable source code
* USB Cable
* Bluetooth music adapter
* An H Bridge Integrated Circuit Chip
* 5V Voltage Regulator
* LM386 OP AMP
* Mono Mini Jack Socket
* Mini to Mini Jack Cable
* DC 6V Power adapter
* Power adapter Socket
* 4 AA batteries
* Text-to-speech software
* Twitter Account
* Internet Connection (FiOS recommended)
* Common Screwdriver
* Needle Nose Pliers
* Wire Strippers & Cutters
* Bread Board
* Solid Core Wire
* Led, Capacitor & Resistors
* Soldering Gun & Solder (Optional)"