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October 23, 2008

Harmonic Distortion Meter – Using a PIC 18F2550

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If you want to check to see what the power is really like that is feeding you high end audio system have a look at this Harmonic Distortion Meter project. It will allow you to have a closer look at the quality of your power.

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"The 3rd harmonic distortion meter has been designed for measuring the quality of AC supply. The meter is built with a PIC18F2550 project board and the full wave rectifier front-end circuit. The AC power line, 220VAC is measured through the step down isolation transformer. The input signal to the 10-bit ADC is full wave rectified. The software performs DFT calculation finding the amplitude of the fundamental frequency and the 3rd harmonic. The distortion is computed by the ratio of the amplitude of the 3rd harmonic to the fundamental frequency."



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One Response to “Harmonic Distortion Meter – Using a PIC 18F2550”

  1. anil Says:

    when i did this in pic c compiler iam getting a no: of values.Iam not getting a constant THD or 3rd or 1st harmonic .Can u plz reply an alternate solution by email.

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