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October 20, 2008

iPhone Controlled RC Car using an Arduino

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Here is another cool iPhone projects that controls a RC car. Is the iPhone the new Swiss Army knife of portable electronics?

"Controlling is very easy with the iPhone 3G. It has five buttons, four of them you can use for traditional „driving“ and when you press the last one, it unlocks the accelerometer control in the same way as in many driving games available on AppStore. Realization of this project did not take a long time, only one afternoon. Technically it is realized in a hell-bent way, but obviously it’s functional. Schematically: iPhone (OSCemote) → WiFi → PC → Max/Msp → Serial port → Arduino → Original controller."

Via: Hacked Gadgets Comments

iPhone controlled R/C car from Josef Průša on Vimeo.


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37 Responses to “iPhone Controlled RC Car using an Arduino”

  1. Josef Prusa Says:

    If somebody wants the source code, I can send it. Just write me email 😉

    Don’t forget to mention that we did it before two months 😉 So we are pioneers of iphone car controlling 😛

  2. gWallet Says:

    Very cool! Is there ANYTHING that the iPhone can’t control? 😉

  3. Atilla Filiz Says:

    Actuallly, the PC controls the car, and Iphone sends simple commands to the pc via WiFi. So, any 802.11 enabled phone can be used here. Nice project anyway.

  4. Gadget News Says:

    you mean the most important thing which contrll is wifi? without wifi it’s not possible. any phone which has wifi can control the car?

  5. Atilla Filiz Says:

    Yes, exactly. If you can write a simple software for the phone, it can send commands to the pc. If ypu want a really interesting Phone+RC project, look for Open Boat with Neo 1973.(neo 1973 is the name of the phone)

  6. Kryštof Jochec Says:

    hi.i and josef průša is from the czech republic.this website is wery good.i am going here two years.

  7. Josef Prusa Says:

    Kryštof >>> “Josef Průša and I are both from Czech Republic. This site is great, I’ve been reading it here for already two years.” ;o)

    It’s nice to meet people from your country on web from other ;o)

    Kryštofe, jestli chceš, můžeme dát kafe. Jsem z Havl. Brodu.

  8. jett stelzer Says:

    i would like a copy of the arduino source code for the iphone controlled remote control car.

  9. Orlin Says:

    Hi everyone, I am very inpresed and my request is can you send me a iphone app and arduino skech if you please.

  10. Emmanuel Says:

    hey that was amaizing, i want to do the same but in a real car, can u help me? i have de arduino mega, and i want to control, the engine star, windows, lights, horn, stereo, etc, whith the ipone, any idea?

  11. Emmanuel Says:

    MY email is ell_pancha@hotmail.com

  12. Mehdi Says:

    hi Alan ,

    i like your project ,i want to do almost the same ,could you tell me please how you attach the arduino to the original remote controller .

    thank you

  13. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Mehdi,

    Please click on the link in the article. It was not created by me, just featured here.

  14. Anurag Says:

    please send me a copy of the source code. my email adress is ‘anuragbakshi123@gmail.com’

  15. alejandro lee Says:

    can i have a copy of the code! that will be great and thanks! 🙂

  16. alejandro lee Says:

    can i have a copy of the code! that will be great and thanks! 🙂
    email adreess is aleeli@uci.edu

  17. Robin R Says:

    could i get a copy of the code that you used for controlling the car by iphone with an arduino. it would help out a lot.

  18. Collin Says:

    I would like a copy of the code to control my new rc car with the arduino. could you also send a few instruction on the basic operation. I really appreciate it.

  19. German Cheung Says:

    can i have a copy of the code! that will be great and thanks!
    email address is mrmcuman @gmail.com

  20. Karim Baali Says:

    I would like a copy of the code please. I would like to control my RC car with my arduino and iPhone. thanks

  21. dengzeqi Says:

    can i have a copy of this source code? thanks~~~

  22. dengzeqi Says:

    my email is: dengzeqi1989@hotmail.com

  23. Evan Says:

    is there any way to do this directly from the iphone (no computer in the middle) via bluetooth or other?

  24. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Evan,

    Here is a project to watch that does that.

  25. Jack Says:

    what kind of arduino did you use? Also i think you should make a video showing people the steps you did

  26. Jack Says:

    can i have a copy of the source code, thanks!
    email is jack10michael@gmail.com

  27. Bharanidharan Says:

    Hi Sir,
    Could you please send the source code for the project?
    My ID: baranee.raam@gmail.com
    Thanks in advance..

  28. Alan Says:


    Can I have a copy of the source code?
    My email is: alanl852@gmail.com

    Many Thanks

  29. Ronnie L. Says:

    can I also have a copy of the source code. my email is rlibramonte@yahoo.com

  30. Pedro Says:

    Hi, can you send me the code please? tks

  31. Litre Says:

    Hi man,
    You do the great job, Could you provide your sourcecode and circuit diagram?

  32. Doug Says:

    Great project! Will you please send me the code?

  33. Ashvin Says:

    Could you send me the source code?
    my email: ashvinrn40@gmail.com

  34. xingquan Says:

    Hi, could you send me the source code as well? maybe some basic instructions or tips i have to take note? i’m am interested in this sort of stuff but still new to it so any help will greatly appreciated!

  35. Kurt Crockett Says:

    Can you send me the source code for the iPhone and Arduino sketch. I am a teacher and teach iPhone application development to 9-12 students and would like to show them how to control a car via wifi using an iPhone. Also, how did you connect the Arduino to the car?


    Kurt Crockett

  36. Kurt Crockett Says:

    My Email is kurt.crockett@valorchristian.com

  37. Ronald Libramonte Says:

    Can you also send me the source code? rlibramonte@yahoo.com. THANKS.

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