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October 18, 2008

PVC Pipe Water Bottle Launcher

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If you are looking to make a cool Water Bottle Launcher that can launch 2 liter pop bottles with some good force have a look at this one at Science Toy Maker.

Have a look here for full build instructions.

"2-liter soda bottles turned water rockets are as shrieking good a time as a water park and a lot easier to build! They streak into the air faster than the eye can track while dousing everyone in the launch area with water. Occasionally, my middle school students host and teach classes of elementary school kids from across the street to make a take-home science project, and we always finish off with a couple of launches. Years later, when I teach those now-middle school kids, they never remember me, but invariably remember the water rockets!"




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12 Responses to “PVC Pipe Water Bottle Launcher”

  1. ssb102 Says:

    that. looks. awesome.

    good job. the video is extremely well put together and very clear on all instructions.

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  3. IMKing245 Says:

    Anyone have any ideas on how to modify this to launch 5 gallon jugs from a water cooler?

  4. marc Says:

    Funny and technically interesting but what a waste of water…

  5. GEARFUSE » PVC Pipe Water Bottle Launcher Says:

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  6. Cal. Says:

    umm yeah very nice info. very cool and well can u make a water bottle rocket go any higher not a soda bottle.Kay thanks.

  7. Andrew Says:

    Did this and it works well. I made two changes/improvements though.

    1. Instead of a 2 inch 1 1/2″ pvc sleeve used to hold the bottle locking mech in place I used a 1 1/4″ coupler. No need to cut a little off of a long pvc piece.

    2. Instead of melting and mushing the pvc to make a bulge I cut the top threaded piece off of a 2 liter bottle and slid it down to the line where you would otherwise melt and bulge. Then I added a rubber O ring gasket and carefully glued the cut off lid in place with epoxy.

  8. byron Says:

    To launch a 5 gallon jug, you would probably need to increase the bulge with a coupler or multiple layers of melted plastic such that you had a graduated bump to create a seal on the larger opening of a 5 gallon jug’s mouth.

  9. Dallas E. Murdoch DDS Says:

    Dear Group,

    I enjoyed reading your website and reviewing your material about launching bottle rockets.

    I would like to inform you of a new design for a bottle rocket launcher that features a patented internal spring loaded release mechanism. It firmly locks the bottle in place before pressurization and allows the user to release the bottle with a gentle pull of a nylon cord at an appropriate time. I personally feel it is superior to any release mechanism on the market. It is ready to use immediately.
    You can learn more about this launcher by going to “ez-launch.com” on the internet and reviewing the various screen views. If I can be of any assistance to you, please let me know at blastoff@ez-launch.com.


    Dallas E. Murdoch DDS

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  11. PVC Pipe Fittings Says:

    doesn’t anybody use PVC pipe for plumbing anymore? LOL

  12. Fun with Your Kids This Summer: Try Hacked Gadgets from DIY Tech Blog « Moms Gone Geek Says:

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