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October 14, 2008

Energy Monitoring Project

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Tim Robinson wanted to know how much energy his household was spending on gas and electricity. How convenient was it that the gas meter that was installed has a rotating magnet! A switch that is commonly used for door alarm switches looks like the perfect match. Have a look at the project site for some details of his gas and electrical monitoring solution.

"The goal was to find a cheap way of constant monitoring the consumption as a precursor to trying to reduce it, in order to to do our bit for the environment and our wallet too. The gas meter was changed recently, and the index has a little rotating magnet on the thousandths of a cubic metre dial. A little reed switch is mounted under the dial – one operation for each 0.01 m3"


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3 Responses to “Energy Monitoring Project”

  1. Josh Says:

    Very interesting. Our gas company uses electronic meters with a wi-fi type of connection. The best I could do is run out every day or so to read the numbers and log them manually.

  2. vivi Says:

    Now what happens if, say, you stick a big neodymium magnet to this meter ? ^^

  3. Tim Says:

    I found the type approval documentation for the gas meter on the web. Part of the approval certification was a test in the presence of magnets!

    for all the gorey details!


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