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October 6, 2008

Halloween Pumpkin Automation

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Woody sure knows how to have fun during Halloween! This Halloween Pumpkin is sure to put the fear into some of the trick or treaters who dare come for candy at Woddy’s house. Since Woody is a control electrician he is using some expensive gear to control his creations but the same effect could be done on a tiny budget with some hobby electronics.

"Most of my haunt is controlled by a Allen Bradly SLC 5/04. My sound is controlled from Digital Sound Repeaters, Mp3 players, and a computer 8 channel sound card.I use stand alone controllers like Prop-1,A/B pico,and VSA software. I’ve just started to teach my self mold making and sculpting. If anyone has questions or needs a little help with making your own animatronics just ask."


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4 Responses to “Halloween Pumpkin Automation”

  1. murguz Says:

    this one is the best yet

  2. Wayne Martin Says:

    Fantastic pumpkin! I am just beginning to learn to fix up my home for Halloween. If you have a few moments could you give a
    newbie a hint or two on how to set up a sound or motion detector controlled sound. I have set up an arbor that leads to my
    “tunnel of doom” and I would like to cause “church bells” I have recorded to play when the kiddies pass by. As they enter my
    tunnel I would like soome way to trigger (picked that word up looking at web sites all day) Alice Cooper’s “Welcome To My
    Nightmare” to play. Can this be done without giving up the house payment?

    Thanks a lot.

    Wayne Martin
    Conroe, TX

  3. Nightshade Says:

    Check out the website http://www.halloweenmonsterlist.info/

  4. Video: Woody’s Pumpkin Creep Will Traumatize Trick Or Treaters | Mark's Technology News Says:

    […] YouTube and YouTube Via: Hacked Gadgets Tags: Electronics, gouls, hacks, Halloween, monster, pumpkin monster, robotic pumpkin, […]

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