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September 9, 2008

USB Thumbdrive Hard Drive

at 5:25 am. Filed under Computer Hacks, Funny Hacks


This ordinary looking hard drive when plugged into a USB port will mount 4 USB thumbdrives onto your computer. Cool idea to make some use of some old computer parts. It would have been cool if the drive would spin up when one of the drives were being accessed.

"Using a dead Hard Drive, a 4-port USB hub, and a few Flash Drives, we will kill some time and get a few laughs from anyone seeing you use this."


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8 Responses to “USB Thumbdrive Hard Drive”

  1. thekanester Says:

    Would be good if XP of Vista had a decent s/w raid driver, like on the Mac. It would make this kind of hack alot more practical useful. Good build though.

  2. The Use of a Dead Hard Drive » Gadgetell Says:

    […] use of a dead hard drive, a 4 USB port hub, and some flash drives, we have some time to kill and get some laughs you see any use.” This entry was […]

  3. miky Says:

    i have a question i see you connected there 4 usb flash memory card how to make them work as one usb flesh memory card????

  4. DIY Hacked USB Thumb Drive! | zedomax.com - The DIY, HOWTO, Hacks, Gadgets, and Tech Blog! Says:

    […] hackedgadgets, DIY Page A+Featured DIYs, Computer, computer-parts, Consumer, Cool, Design, DoItYourself!, […]

  5. Daniel’s MicroBlog Says:

    […] USB Thumbdrive Hard Drive – Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog del.icio.us digg redditHi! Gib ‘help’ ein! Oder klicke HIER […]

  6. Smokey Says:

    MIKY… what kind of ass are you? This is not a hack! It’s simply scapping the USB hub and inserting flash drives (as the hub is attached physically, and not as an electrical/computing component).
    This kind of “hack” could only confuse/give an erection to n00bs. You are so stupid!
    You sound ike the kind of person who – if told there was a hack in a shit-pit – you would dive in head-first!
    I don’t know why jackasses don’t stick to carrying cargo in mountainous countries. *sigh*

  7. thekanester Says:

    Smokey, calm down there little fella, you’re all worked up about a post that’s over two months old. Technically, the term ‘hack’ means a modification of something (whether it be device/process/item) to augment or subvert its original use.

    So yes, this IS a hack. Just because it wasn’t soldered does not make it a non-hack. Clearly, you feel the need to assert your l33t technical skills in front of everyone to self-aggrandise.

    A mature person would not even bother to take the time to criticise and would lead by example by submitting their own work to their peers. Why poison the well by making needless criticisms?

    You are invited to post links to all your constructions. And boy, they’d better be damn well soldered. For your sake they’d also better be surface mount components; otherwise people may call you a jackass.

  8. Vacuum Tube Thumb Drive | DoGizmo Says:

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