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September 1, 2008

Giant SNES Controller

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If you have big hands this Giant SNES Controller may be just what you need. At its heart it is a standard SNES controller, the housing has been custom built from wood and looks fantastic. If you didn’t have anything to see the scale I am sure it would look just like the standard controller.

Via: Make


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5 Responses to “Giant SNES Controller”

  1. Morte Moya Says:

    Man, I could fit quite a few MP3 players in that controller. ROFL!!!

  2. Will Says:

    DDR-style Mario? I’m in.

  3. snes games Says:

    Good post, nice and clear, thanks. Are you going to do an update on this post? I will subscribe to this blog!

  4. Learning Gone Wild: 100 Most Hilarious (But Informative) DIY Guides on the Web - Learn-gasm Says:

    [...] Giant SNES Controller: Those with extremely big hands may want to check out these instructions for a giant SNES controller. [...]

  5. Ryan Says:

    How did u get it hands on this did u make it because if u did thats pretty cool but if u bought it how much and where

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