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August 24, 2008

Autonomous Paintball Sentry Gun by Zero Op

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 We have seen lots of automated sentry guns over the past year but this Autonomous Paintball Sentry Gun by Zero Op is the first I have seen for sale. For about $3000 you could buy the system and have enough left over to buy some paintballs. If you need to guard a large open area this may be just the ticket. Find more paintball gear and supplies at Empire Paintball.

“Inspired by countless movies and video games, we decided to put our engineering skills to the test, and attempt build the most advanced and consumer friendly sentry gun. After 10 months of hardcore soldering, programming, machining, and painful testing, we’re ready to release ‘The Mercenary’, the worlds first commercially available autonomous paintball sentry gun. It’ll track and automatically fire upon targets entirely on its own- by help of a camera and an onboard computer. There are a few features that put ours a head above the rest- A highly durable platform will withstand paintballs fired at over 300 feet per second, even direct hits to the camera. It can be powered by a wall socket, or a battery, and needs no external computer, or programming knowledge to run. Best of all- it runs linux.”



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10 Responses to “Autonomous Paintball Sentry Gun by Zero Op”

  1. Brainiac27 Says:

    Looks very well done although I would of used the A-5 instead of the 98 custom for it’s more reliable feeding system. I wonder which is more accurate, the system or that stock barrel?

  2. shmickley Says:

    hm where can i get plans to make one of these??

  3. Akoi Meexx Says:

    “Best of all, it runs linux” Truer words were never spoken. I’d hafta wonder about someone upping the ordinace though and using the base for a real turret system. :p

  4. Autonomous paintball sentry gun Says:

    […] Filed under: robots hacks[Alan] pointed out this great commercial paintball sentry gun. The gun has a low power motherboard running Ubuntu connected to a firewire camera. Two high torque motors control the pan and tilt of a Tippman 98 custom. The control box allows for easy setup. You can change the sensitivity, color tracking, and firing modes. It also has a remote kill switch. All around a nice looking machine, but at $3K we doubt many of you will be buying one. Beta test video embedded after the break.Related: Airsoft gun turret, robotic sentry gun, and Defcon bots[via Hacked Gadgets] […]

  5. Germano Mosconi Says:

    Am I wrong or fast targets are almost safe from fire ?

  6. leon Says:

    dude way worse than this one:

    less fire power and shoots at red moving object that suck , and to think they are selling it LOL

  7. Zero-OP Mercenary, nouvelle Sentinelle Autonome armée d'un fusil de Paintball [Vidéo] | Blog Geek et High-Tech Nowhere Else Says:

    […] (Via Hacked Gadgets) […]

  8. How to Order your Eagle PCB Design - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] Karpfinger who is also the creator of the cool Autonomous Paintball Sentry Gun has made a great article about Ordering your Eagle PCB Designs. Learning Eagle is quirky enough but […]

  9. dave Says:

    plaese send me contact phone numbers so i may buy a sentry gun thank you

  10. joe barker Says:

    i wish to buy one of these, could you contact me with further information and price?

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