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July 29, 2008

10 Meter Morse Code Beacon on 28.322 Mhz

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This 10 Meter Morse Code Beacon is a nice simple project, all the source code and schematics are provided. Below is a description of the board process that was used.

"After I have etched the board and rinsed any excess Ammonium Persulfate off, I then use Mineral Turpentine and a rag to remove all the blue paint or blue plastic and the laser printer toner off the boards when using the blue “press & peel” iron on paper transfer technique. This exposes the shiny copper. I then use a metal scribe tool with a very fine point and basically center punch and indent in the “center” of each pad and or location to be drilled. (Not with a hammer! Just center punching using pure pressure on the scribe to pre-punch the hole locations.) Then drill every location with a .8mm drill using my super cheapy 99 dollar drill press. Then drill any component locations which require larger holes with a 1mm or even a 1.5mm bit. De-bur all the holes. One last rub down with alcohol to get any oils or Turpentine off the copper and you’re ready to solder! Nice shinny copper = no flux required!"