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July 24, 2008

DIY Laser Etching Projects

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Baccus61 has documented some of his cool DIY Laser Etching Projects. He makes etching an image on a round bottle simple!

After the jump are a few of my favorite videos he has created.

"My new rotary attachment is finally ready after a couple of weeks in the making (I didn’t spend too much time building it though) It’s a Vexta 5 phase stepper motor coupled to a 50:1 harmonic gear drive or wave drive as they are sometimes called. I will be mounting a woodwork scroll chuck onto it later on and glue some rubber to the jaws to stop breaking glass things and to add a bit of grip. I also need to add some rollers underneath the back end to support heavy things like full wine bottles etc. I took me a bit of working out how to fit the 5 phase drive to the 2-4 phase setup I have to run the table but in the end all I had to do was to use a 4 pin plug and isolate the power and step and direction wires to fit the 4 pin plug. I saved a copy of the setup for the rotary drive in a new save file for Linkmotion and all I have to do is connect the plug for the attachment then load the proper table file into Linkmotion. It takes about 2 minutes from start to finish to swap the setup over."


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4 Responses to “DIY Laser Etching Projects”

  1. miky Says:

    wow cool how much it would cost me to build this Laser Etching printer ???

  2. miky Says:

    only smaller

  3. Diablo Says:

    Nice project. Would be great to make my own bottle-paint.

  4. Dennis Bujan Says:

    Extremely nice project, what type of laser do you use on the system to etch the Glass like that?

    Do you have an instruction manual or something that documet how you did this project?

    ANyways, if you can help me with what type of laser you used, it would be very helpful, Thanks and Best Regards

    Greetings from Costa Rica

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