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July 5, 2008

Hyperbike – Hybrid Pedal assisted Solar Bicycle

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This Hyperbike looks like it would work well in the long sunny days of summer, the batteries should have a decent charge by the time it is needed for the trip home.

"The Hyperbike feasibility study will investigate the influence of emerging storage and electric machinery and control technologies on electric bicycles (PEDELECS and work bikes). New opportunities arise from new efficient and lightweight electric machines, inverters (buck-boost) and high power and high energy densities with double layer capacitators and Li-Ion (Polymer) batteries."

Via: Zedomax



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7 Responses to “Hyperbike – Hybrid Pedal assisted Solar Bicycle”

  1. Almost_There Says:

    I like the leading wing using air pressure to keep the front end on the ground from the excessive acceleration.

  2. Apnoe Says:

    Sorry but this is shit

  3. Almost_There Says:

    >Sorry, but this is…

    Now if you were commenting on this silly Water Rocket reaches Orbit thing ( http://hackedgadgets.com/2008/02/19/canadian-inventor-to-launch-bottle-rocket-into-orbit/ ) I’d agree with you; otherwise, that comment was uncalled for.

  4. thekanester Says:

    um…if you crash then you will be decapitated by the sharp solar panel sitting precariously at neck level.

    I guess v2.0 will work on the ergonomics aspect of this vehicle.

  5. Almost_There Says:

    It’s a Cow Catcher for Pedestrians, you hit ’em and it scoops them up throwing them up and over your head.

  6. not buying it Says:

    Oh come on, this is just plain goofy.

  7. shane faulkner Says:

    hi i was just wondering could you send me on the feasibility study for the bicycle if you did one at k00087078@lit.ie or if you know of any other one.thanks

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