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June 25, 2008

Pan Tilt Airsoft Gun Mod

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This Pan Tilt Airsoft Gun Mod lets you make your standard Airsoft Gun into a computer controlled unit!

"The robot airsoft kit brings together a simple pan/tilt servo setup with an automatic airsoft gun. Everything is controlled from your computer’s serial port. Attaching a camera allows you to have completely autonomous control of the gun, which makes it an ideal platform to enter the Defcon Robot Contest or the Robot Airsoft event at RoboGames! Overview

  • The base has a servo which controls the pan.
  • That connects to the U structure, which is the tilt, and holds all the control electronics.
  • The gun is attached to the tilt rod. It’s a generic connection so any light gun will work.
  • The pan/tilt is controlled from the computer’s serial port.
  • Firing is done through a relay via the servo controller.
  • Power comes from 8 AA batteries (4 for the gun, 4 for everything else)."