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June 22, 2008

Joystick Macro Hack

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If you want to up improve your gaming skills, this Joystick Macro Hack is just what you need. If you are like me and can’t press the fire button as quickly as you would like your problems are over. With this mod you can program two special function buttons that will give you super human strength (when it comes to quick button presses).

"This mod is fairly simple to do but it will be lengthy. Setting up the controller to accept pre programmed chips is not hard but there are many components to solder and lots of wires. Luckily Microsoft has given us plenty of space to work with.. Please if you do this mod be considerate and do not use this controller for online matches as it will give you a huge advantage with "Insta Kills". AcidMods in no way condones cheating or unfair advantages with that being said lets proceed to part one of this lengthy mod.

Parts Needed:

1: 30 awg Kynar Wire
2: Solder, soldering iron and paste
3: Dremel with cut off wheel
4: Hot Glue Gun and Glue
5: 18 pin Socket
6: 2 X 22pf Capacitors
7: 4 MHz crystal
8: .1uf Capacitor
9: 2 momentary Buttons
10: 1 momentary Buttons
11: Proto PCB from RadioShack
12: 1 X 3mm or 5mm LED
13: 3 X 10K ohm resistors
14: 1 X 4.7K ohm resistor
15: Torx #9 Security Bit
16: PIC16F84A"



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8 Responses to “Joystick Macro Hack”

  1. Project_Nightmare Says:

    Holy $***, I want that controller

  2. SpitFire 360 Controller Gives Xbox Modders a Not-So-Tactical Advantage - ConsoleCommunity Says:

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  4. Ambient Says:

    Nice, now more losers can cheat on XBox. Thanks soooooo much for that.

  5. Heliosphan Says:

    Hmmm, cheating aids. Not the greatest of applications.
    Also you know that these guys are a bit off on Microcontroller knowledge – Microchip ultimately want people to stop using the very dated 16F84. Its more expensive than the 16F88.
    Using the F88, they could have used its 8mhz internal oscillator instead of that ugly oscillator board and cut down on the wiring. Gives you one more GPIO port too.
    Doing this might give you enough space to put the PIC chip inside the joypad, you then provide a discrete external programming header port, then implement a bootloader for reflashing new programs.
    Would have given it the stealth edge!

  6. jn0965 Says:

    My mouse and keyboard can do that too.

  7. Mod : manette SpitFire 360, l’avantage pas si tactique - Gizmodo - Tant d'amour pour ces fabuleux nouveaux gadgets, c'est surnaturel. Says:

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  8. lucas Says:

    Does this work with call of duty world at war, halo 3, and gears 2 Because i know a lot of the other mods don’t work with those games.

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