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June 19, 2008

Wiimote controlled Mitsubishi PA10 Robot Arm

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You have seen the Staubli Robot under Wiimote control, now have a look at a Mitsubishi PA10 Robot Arm being operated in real time using a Nintendo Wiimote. The inspiration for this project was from this Wiimote Sword hack.

Non-translated page.

"It was quickly decided that the same could be made much cooler and, not least in real time with our PA10 robot. And with PA10’ens open interface, it was no problem to get enough meat on the project when the students themselves have to develop and implement kinematik and communicate via Bluetooth with WiiMote’n. The course ran and it was a bunch of enthusiastic students are entitled to examinations able to produce a WiiMote controlled robot that could draw in a tush on a whiteboard."