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May 30, 2008

Camera Flash Stun Gun

at 5:52 am. Filed under Electronic Hacks


With just a few tools and a disposable camera you can build an inexpensive stun gun. In the video the wires are simply twisted but you should use a bit of solder to hold the wires securely.





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14 Responses to “Camera Flash Stun Gun”

  1. ApprenticeWizard Says:

    The disclaimer claims that this is being done by a “proffesional”.

    How very droll.

  2. Boredman Says:

    Are you kidding me? This is a hack/mod? I used to do this in my downtime working the cvs photo department!

  3. Chris Says:

    arg annoying music.

  4. therian Says:

    that satisfy for hack ?

  5. C.Friend Says:

    The caption should say disposable camera, not flashlight.

  6. Alan Parekh Says:

    Thanks C Friend.

  7. Squarefish06 Says:

    Truely guys, this is not up to the usual standard. This is the sort of “hack” that gets people “boo”ed off Instructables about twice a week.
    ALso this houldn’t cost you anything, most chemists give those cameras away for free after processing.

    Never thought that I’d see flamebait rubbish like this on Hackedgadgets.

    Poor, really poor.

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  9. marc Says:

    I know this for years. I never displayed it and never will. But you did it.
    Hacked gadgets should sued for showing this kind of weapon and encourage the built of it.
    Once again it prove that anyone with a bit of search can display some nasty knowledge and get a show off.
    So lame, so wrong.

  10. marc Says:

    That ‘s it hacked managed to get lame. I’m sure the guy is not even into tech (maybe he is a “helpdesker”).Plus this is utterly lame to encourage people (especially the younger) how to build weapons like these. Did you think about the consequences a 10 years old shocking his little sister to death. bravo. You suck.

  11. gurgle Says:

    So many things wrong with this…
    First off, its not really a stun gun. A camera won’t put out nearly as much as a real stun gun. Also, a stun gun would even be worthless if it only put out one shock per charge.
    Real stun guns pulse and thats what causes it to take someone down.

    To the other comment about someone killing another person with this. Dont count on it… you could shock someone all day with it and all it causes is some pain.
    More of a prank “weapon” than anything.

  12. some_guy Says:

    I figured out a way to turn a disp. camera into a stun gun rather than this “single-shock gun” (what I call this).
    If you connect certain contacts together, you get a current of really high voltage, and it hurts like heck. Just de-solder the capacitor, and put two wires in its place. When the battery tries to charge the capacitor, it will put out something pretty strong.

    I was holding the negative contact of the battery and the flash trigger (for the shutter) when I let it charge…ouch…

    ..and by no means should this be used for anything BUT self- defense. No shocking your sister….

  13. daedelus Says:

    this lil cheap supposed “hack” produces nothing more of a shock than those goofy little shock lighters with the exception of maybe some minor discomfort and some slight bruising at best. sure its not up to hacked gadget standards but oh well deal with it.to the posters who bitch and moan of how it could kill someone or how hacked or the guy with the video should be sued, get off your freaking high horse. seriously this type of crap is posted all over the damn internet by immature bored teens who just happened to get ahold of dad’s video camera and was bound to find its way to some tech journal, it just so happened to be hacked gadgets.

  14. Andy Says:

    This is a great hack! Everyone who left Multiple bad comments just plain suck. This is the definition of a true hack that’s badass, appealing; and easy. I bypassed a ton of boring articles to see the video. All you bad comment people sat thru it too; it looked cool & you clicked. Any hack is technically dangerous; hence the name. Here’s your sign. You took something & turned it into something else. Plain & simple. And did a great job at it! Thank You!!

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