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May 29, 2008

DSLR Camera old Flash Adapter

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You can build this DSLR Camera old Flash Adapter for a few dollars and still use your old trusty camera flashes on your new gear. Looks like a nice simple and robust circuit.

"This instructable shows you how to make a really easy and simple circuit, that protects your new camera from high trigger voltages in old flashes. It is completely safe and will not damage the cameras circuits! It is better than those slave adapters that "look" for a flash, and then quickly activate the flash, since those adapters can be set off by other cameras. If you’re at a party, that can be quite annoying.

what you need:

– general soldering equiptment
– a sense of electronics
– an Optocoupler with triac output (i.e. MOC3062)
– 2 capacitors ( 10 µF )
– 3 resistors ( 500, 1M, 30…80 ohms)
– a casing (optional, I got mine on ebay)
– a battery"




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4 Responses to “DSLR Camera old Flash Adapter”

  1. DSLR Camera Says:

    Wow, nice info. But I guess you need some background on electronics to get it done. Not for me, Im dumb in electronics.

  2. Old Silver Flash adapted for a Digital SLR - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] Via: HG Comments […]

  3. Old Silver Flash adapted for a Digital SLR | new technology, latest technology, robonaut, pc technology, latest business technology, technology in business, technology innovation, information technology, emerging technology Says:

    […] Via: HG Comments […]

  4. Heather Says:

    Does anyone know of a place that I can just buy one? I’m not that good at creating my own.

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