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May 25, 2008

Ethernet Controlled Security System

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Ahmad Masri has used an inexpensive ethernet chip called the WIZ5100 to create a simple but flexible ethernet based security system. The low cost of the ethernet chip makes connecting projects to computers or other microcontroller based devices very appealing.

"I have constructed a TCP based security system using the Ethernet module offered within the contest , an ATmega16L microcontroller , a PIR as a sensor and few other peripheral devices , which is specially targeted for homes and small business owners. I have used through for my final design a combination of the WIZ810MJ module , an ATmega16L microcontroller , a 7.3728 MHz crystal (compatible with my bootloader programmer), a DS1302 timekeeper , a PIR to sense the human movement through the body heat , a keypad for initial configuration and a 2×16 LCD for display. The design also include regulators to power up the circuits."