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May 10, 2008

Propeller QuadRover Robot

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Robot builders no longer have to settle for low power and hard to maneuver robotic platforms. Parallax has come out with this QuadRover Robot which is based on the powerful Propeller microcontroller. Not cheap, but have a look at what comes in the small package.

"This gas-powered robot is built using a Honda 2.5 HP 4-stroke engine and hydraulic power system. It is controlled by a Propeller chip for the ultimate in customizable robots; eight 32-bit cogs at 20 MIPS each create endless programming possibilities. A 64 KB EEPROM leaves 32 KB for non-volatile data storage, and ample expansion ports provide plenty of flexibility for added sensors. Four solenoid valves allow for the hydraulic power to be independently enabled, disabled, or reversed for either side of its skid steer system. The robot can rotate in position by making a complete hydrostatic turn or by braking one side and making an arc-turn, which can be accomplished at low or high speed. Straight-away top speed is up to 14 miles per hour. QuadRover uses a two-stage pump to provide high-end torque for low speeds and lower torque at higher speeds. This transmission provides a more continuous power band than a single-stage pump system. Servo controlled throttle and disk brakes make for precise acceleration and deceleration. The Propeller QuadRover robot ships fully assembled and ready to program. The electronics include a Propeller-powered control board with connections for the included GPS, compass, and 3-axis accelerometer sensors. All you have to do is program, fill ‘er up, and go. Shipping package measures approximately 31”L x 20”H x 25”W inches (include metric equivalent). Robot weighs 89 lbs. (shipping weight 110 lbs.). "



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3 Responses to “Propeller QuadRover Robot”

  1. aladyn Says:

    really cool robo. I like it

  2. Apothus Says:

    Impressive system.
    I have looked at paralax microcontrollers before but never used them. to be honest they confuse me a little.

    I really love the hydraulics on this platform, so many robots focus on batteries because of their ease of use but in remote areas they are not really reliable when required to operate for long periods, would love to see more about his method of control.

  3. Propeller QuadRover Robot can Tow a Toyota Pickup Truck! | zedomax.com - Obsessively profiling DIYs, Hacks, Gadgets, Tech, Web2.0,and beyond. Says:

    […] via hackedgadgets […]

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