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May 9, 2008

DIY Green Laser Light Show

at 5:17 am. Filed under Cool Gadgets, Electronic Hacks

Max from Zedomax made a cool Green Laser Light Show device and in true DIY style there is an abundance of parts that are available from your local hardware store. 🙂

"This simpler green laser projector was made so I could use it for my next party and I always wanted to make this. Although this laser projector only does one animation, 2 whirpools, I planned to improve upon after making this very basic version."




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12 Responses to “DIY Green Laser Light Show”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Please… No more dancing!!!
    That’s a really cool effect though. Add a mirror or two (on spinning motors of course) after the refracted glass & you’d get some really interesting spiro-graph type effects.

  2. David Says:

    and go blind too!

  3. Oncha Says:

    He pulls the pipes apart just so he cant get the wires in the tube … well do that and turn and twist the cabels so you could end up with a wire thats not gona do the job.

    I hope we`ll see more from those that use HDD parts for their laserprojectors …

    But for this vid. … good for a beginner & total n00b … but I did`t hear him speak of what lasers can do to your eye .. ,so yeah as David says …

  4. pyromega Says:

    safety issues?
    btw, cool effect but I wish there is a easier to find substitute for the glasses.

  5. Doug Says:

    This guy is hilarious. Who listens to an ipod while narrating a video? And his comment “and you can take this thing with you anywhere” 420ROFL.

  6. bobdole Says:

    I laughed at several points in this.. as soon as I saw him drilling the glass I was thinking “lol he’s gonna break that”… and as soon as I saw him with the wires saying he’s going to feed them through the pipes, I knew he was going to take the whole thing apart again… I really got a chuckle out of him using a few dozen dollars worth of pipe for such a simple mounting job.. or that he had to buy a motor from radio shack when there are dozens of cdrom drives, pagers, and toys with motors in them thrown out every day.

    I made a much cooler laser scanner that projected a variable spirograph pattern using two cdrom drive motors and little mirrors from the same drives. a dab of crazy glue held the mirrors in place and some bluetack held the motors in place. I eventually got fancy and made it variable using the volume control potentiometers from those same cdrom drives. cost: $1 for the laser pointer.

  7. Carterized Says:

    In my younger days, I liked dancing in lazers too. I glued mirrors onto speaker cones. I turned one speaker 90 degrees from the other one. One speaker gave me X axis and the other Y axis. I lined everything up and played some music. Mindblowing! Although some of the most interesting shapes came from Country music. Not mindblowing! Maybe cuz of the acoustic guitars or something else lame like that.

  8. m Says:

    he sounds like kermit the frog, and with all that green…

  9. billybob Says:

    quote “and i can just get it out and play with it”
    hahahahahah disgusting

  10. mary Says:

    I am the manager of GuangZhou ChengXing Stage Light Factory. We are factory specializing in the manufacture and export of stage lights for more than four years.We own laser light,computer light ,LED,moving head light and so on .Our factory want to develop the USA market,
    Would you give me some advice ?

  11. Jessie Says:

    cool. I also did diy a number of green laser light shows with the Toplaser series 150mw green laser pointer from http://www.freaklasers.com .

  12. joe Says:

    kinduh sucks compared to other ones out there

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