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May 6, 2008

Cornell University ECE 4760 Designing with Microcontrollers 2008 Final Projects

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Bruce Land is showing off the hard work of his students in his Cornell University ECE 4760 Designing with Microcontrollers class. I hope you have a long lunch hour since it will take you a long time to go through all 35 projects. I found this Mechanix Motorized Guitar Tuner real interesting. Nice thing about all of these projects is the great documentation.

See the full list of projects 

"The Mechanix is a motorized guitar tuner for a standard 6-string electric or acoustic fixed bridge guitar. Named in honor of Megadeth guitar legend Dave Mustaine, the Mechanix is a unique and innovative product which has numerous patent possibilities. Our project may not be the coolest or most unique, but it is certainly the most metal. Traditional handheld guitar tuners are passive; they tell the user whether the guitar string is in tune, sharp, or flat, but the actual adjustment of the tension in the string has to be done by the user. This requires a fair amount of dexterity from the user, particularly when fine tuning is required. Thus, to increase both the convenience and the precision of the tuning process, we designed an active, motorized guitar tuner. The Mechanix responds to the user plucking one of the strings by turning the tuning knob until the string has reached its Standard Tuning note."


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9 Responses to “Cornell University ECE 4760 Designing with Microcontrollers 2008 Final Projects”

  1. Guitar Auto Tuner | TekeeNews Says:

    […] via hackedgadgets […]

  2. wackyvorlon Says:

    Umm, what if you pluck the wrong string?

  3. asdf Says:

    please, that guitar tuner blows…they have to already be within a half note…should have done fft

  4. Tutorial mikrokontroler dan teknologi elektronika « Darie nge-blog Says:

    […] hackedgadgets, hackszine, AVRfreaks, scienceprog, uelectronics, BricoGeek, electronicsinfoline, boxedgeek, […]

  5. Michael Dejene Says:

    This is Michael from Ethiopia. Really,I appreciate the U present the projects for the readers.And it is better if the pupil are encouraged to a lot of projects in Communication area. I am planning to do my final year project on this area.
    Most of current projects done in U’r university are supported with PIC or else another sorts of Micro-controllers.That is the great advancement in ECE!
    Sincerly,Michael Dejene
    (Student: Electrical & Computer Engineering)

  6. Michael Dejene Says:

    Oh You guys are taking ECE in its boosting stage. While I was grade 7 student, I want to discover the miracles in the Electrical Engineering….Thanks to God My Hope came truth and I joined the department in 2006. Frankly speaking; I have tremendous understanding in Mathematics and related areas.So,this year(2009) I started working my Final year project on WIRELESS DIGITAL TRANSMISSION OF HUMAN VOICE & DIGITAL RADIO.

    Actually I am attending my study in Electrical & Computer Engineering Under Computer Stream.

    I saw most of projects done in your University before starting my own. Really thanks for you guys to make KNOWLEDGE OPEN. And it aids me a lot to start with my Project.

    But as suggestion why do not you make students also to work with FPGA though I am also Using micro-controller in my own.

    I am looking for a response from you , BYE!

    Sincerely, MICHAEL DEJENE
    Student of Electrical & Computer Engineering
    Addis Ababa University
    Faculty of Technology.

  7. etagegn Says:

    i am final year electrical engineering student, i want to do my projects on WIRLESS POWER TRANSMISSION what do you comment me?

  8. Michael Dejene Says:

    Dear Etagegn…. what you are proposing is nice…but before i start to put my feelings on the title you posted, I have two questions: (1). Do you have back-ground in Communication Engineering courses (2). Can you tell me your team size? Please….

  9. Michael Dejene Says:

    i realized that I am too late to respond….!

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