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May 5, 2008

The PrintBall – Paintball Printer

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Looks like the creators of Printball trust their machine. Watch the video to see how much they trust the system! This could make some cool graffiti. 🙂

"The PrintBall is like an Ink-Jet printer using a PaintBall Gun as printhead. The gun is mounted on a custum made pan & tilt unit which is connected to a Max/Msp based software through an Atmel chip [programmed in Basic]. The software allow the users to load and analyze images. The resolution of the image and the space between the point [definition the image] can be ajusted. Because the document is printed from a central point the number of steps by points send to the pan & tilt, which is moved by two stepper motors, one for each axe horizontal and vertical, determine the space between each point."