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May 2, 2008

Video Tape USB Hub

at 5:31 am. Filed under Computer Hacks, Cool Gadgets

Here is a neat idea to keep some of your old video tapes out of the landfills. The Video Tape USB Hub will give you a cool looking place to plug in your USB cable thumbdrive. I can think of one extra thing to do, install a small motor and keep a small loop of tape that spins when the device is powered.

– One old video tape (preferable one of the shorter tapes for advertisments, they have bigger reels and less tape to take care of)
– One usb-hub (working, of course, and preferable with an option for a powersupply)
– The cable for the hub
– the hub’s powersupply or a molex connector to power your hub directly from your computer’s powersupply
– Two ultra-bright leds in a color of your choice ( and the right resistors for 5volts)
– a small switch if you want to be able to switch of the led
– some cables, one for providing power to the hub and some small cables for wiring the leds up, you will find something suitable
– heatshrinking tube or tape"