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April 26, 2008

Slashbot – Guitar Hero Robot by Texas A&M Electrical Engineering

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I know, we have featured a few of these Guitar Hero robots here in the last while… But they are so interesting, this Slashbot Guitar Hero Robot by Texas A&M Electrical Engineering uses similar principals as Auto Guitar Hero did. The main difference is that Slashbot actually presses the keys as it plays. Video after the jump.

"Slashbot is especially cool because it literally plays the guitar controller using mechanical actuators.  The robot implements a National Instrument PXI box to digitize the composite video signal.  Then, using NI LabVIEW, the luminance of specific pixels are monitored to detect "notes" on the screen.  This information is then passed to the robotic actuators through a reconfigurable I/O FPGA in the NI PXI box.

Currently, Slashbot is able to average very close to 100% accuracy in Expert mode.  It is also possible for a human player to challenge the robot in multi-player mode.  So far, the robot has always been more accurate!

This system was created by four Texas A&M University undergrads: David Buckner, Mitchell Jefferis, Vinny LaPenna, and Michael Voth.  The project was developed over the past three months for their Electrical Engineering Senior Design class."