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April 25, 2008

The Wifi Predator – use a far away Wifi Connection

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 If you are wanting to grab some free Wifi from someone far away have a look at this Wifi Predator from our friends at i-Hacked.

"The predator is a modified wireless router connected to a high-powered antenna and running custom firmware to actively seek out open wireless connections. Once they are found, it will test them for internet connectivity and then join and repeat the one with the strongest signal to secured wireless connection that YOU control. =) When your predator powers up, it will start scanning for open access points, testing each one for internet connectivity and then finally will join the one with the strongest signal strength that can reach the internet. Then it will make this connection available to you via the AP SSID that you set previously. Join the AP SSID that you created earlier. (IHPRED) If everything worked right (and there is available open wireless access points) you should have internet access. I suggest visiting what ever log you configured to see how it is working. If you chose the html log format visit Finally lock down your predator like you would do any other Access Point. Change the default admin password, enable SSHd & disable telnet. Enable WPA encryption if you want to protect your newly "acquired" internet access."

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