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April 22, 2008

Wireless GPS Project

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Youtube user KDG86 has made quite a few interesting projects. This Wireless GPS Project is nice and simple but have lots of cool possibilities. He is using a GPS module that outputs RS-232, this signal is connected to a wireless transmitter. A receiver is then used to get the data into a computer. Since it is RS-232 all you need is a terminal program to have a look. He then takes some of the raw data and with one copy and paste his exact location is zoomed into by Google Earth.

Instead of a computer I would feed it into a microcontroller and have it warn me when I am coming close to one of the red light cameras that seem to be everywhere where I live. 🙁



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8 Responses to “Wireless GPS Project”

  1. Alexander Says:

    Alan: You need to look into Trapster–a service that you run on your mobile phone that will alert you when you are coming up on a traffic camera.

    I don’t work for them, BTW. 😛

  2. Alan Parekh Says:

    Thanks, that looks like a great idea!

  3. mrmeval Says:

    I assume it’s all legal but high intensity IR does thwart some cameras. A clear plastic cover direct the IR and will look like something reflecting off of it.

  4. jhon Says:

    i think it,s a great post.

  5. Francesco Says:

    Hi, I have used a BT GPS (the kind you would use for pocket PC) for a project I finished recently. The nice thing is that it maps back on the PC equipped with BT dongle simply as another RS-232. Getting hold of the GPRMC sentences becomes then much simpler.
    It might not sound as challenging as building your own wireless T/R but it is worth considering.

  6. GPS Wireless | TugaTronica Says:

    […] GPS Wireless Southafrikanse Apr – 29 – 2008 Projectos Bonito e simples mas que tem grandes possibilidades de o usar como quiserem. Estou a falar de um projecto feito pelo utilizador KDG86 do Youtube, um GPS Wireless. […]

  7. anirudddha Says:

    hi,its a real good project…awsm
    hey i wanted details bout this project plz…with neccesory block diagrams,circuit diagrams,component list,source codes,Litrally everything u have…i wana do a project on it..m from india…plz
    ne project related to Wireless communication plz send me….
    n plz give me ne info needed….thanx alot…


  8. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi anirudddha,

    You will have to contact the creator directly (via Youtube).

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