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April 16, 2008

Tresling – Tetris and Arm Wrestling

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I could see a Tresling machine in pubs across the country. You have to move your hand to correctly orientate your Tetris pieces, this will most likely not be the orientation that your opponent desires.

"I give you Tresling: Not just a two-player version of best game on earth, not just a fist-pumping, back ally arm wrestling match to end all matches… but a mash-up so heroic Zeus himself could not imagine it."



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10 Responses to “Tresling – Tetris and Arm Wrestling”

  1. Atilla Says:

    Great concept! An interesting combination of some irrelevant games.

  2. mike Says:

    There is an obvious disadvantage to the person who is sitting on the right side. They have to turn their head and probably shoulders in a way that hampers the natural arm wrestling position to look at the screen..

  3. mikheil Says:

    good one

  4. Tresling « Equilibrio Inestable Says:

    […] [Visto en Hacked Gadgets] […]

  5. BigD145 Says:

    This would probably work well if integrated into the two player pac-man style bar table.

  6. DigitalMind Says:

    yeah this is a fun add-on to a classic game !! I agree with Bigd though, might be better on a table type kind of screen…

  7. CrunchGear » Archive » Tresling = Tetris + Arm Wrestling Says:

    […] Tresling is the combination of one of the most beloved video games ever made, Tetris, and one of the fiercest sports around, arm wrestling. The idea is that you move your arm to move your piece and tap a button to rotate it, however, you do that while locking arms with an opponent. So, the loser not only sucks at Tetris, but he/she also is physically weak. tr { border: 0px } td { cellborder: 10px; padding:5px; } table { border: 1px solid silver; margin-left: 20px; width: 540px; padding: 5px; } […]

  8. Matt Says:

    Left handed people look like they’re out of luck.

  9. www.tibia4you.org Opisy broni, magii, pancerzy, przedmiot√≥w i map, zasady gry, poradniki. » Blog Archive » (K) C-C-C-Combo Game Breaker! [Hot Flashes] Says:

    […] and nab 6 interceptions for TDs, winning the Heisman in the process. Pongout [All Games All Free] Tresling – Tetris and Arm Wrestling [Hacked Gadgets via […]

  10. Vocescuola - Tresling - Tetris e braccio di ferro Says:

    […] [fonte: hackedgadgets] […]

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