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April 13, 2008

Map Bot – Floor Mapping Robot

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Have a look at Map Bot over at GlacialWanderer, this robot is in the early stages but when it’s done it will be able to map out a floor. The main sensor it uses is an ultrasound sensor, one that most of us have seen many times before. But it also uses an interesting bend sensor that I have never seen before. Here are some details of the bend sensor being tested. Does anyone know how these sensors work? I think it may be some sort of piezoelectric mechanism…

"The purpose of this robot is have a bot that can go around and map out a single floor of my house and then use that map to intelligently traverse the mapped area. So far I’ve only written some diagnostic software to verify all the subsystems of this robot are functioning properly."


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9 Responses to “Map Bot – Floor Mapping Robot”

  1. - Hilavitkutin.com - Uutisia tekniikasta, ilmiöistä ja hilavitkuttimista Says:

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  2. Proteus Says:

    The bend (flex) sensors:
    where I got mine:
    datasheet(if you can call it that…):

  3. Alan Parekh Says:

    Thanks Proteus,

    Here is the part I was looking for (found in your second link)

    “The Flexpoint Bend Sensor was developed through testing a thin potentiometer which would show analog feedback from finger movement. The bend-sensitive carbon-based ink was developed at that point.”

    I wonder what bend sensitive carbon based ink is though…

  4. Doc Says:

    i always wanted to use this for bot mapping…


    have the server host a game and the bot run around either dying or firing when it hits a wall to mark it in the server and then build a map. but hey i had kids and well they grow up and things get shelved. lol…. someday i’ll get back to it.

    but i would love to see the schematic or build of bot a little more closely (maybe i can get some cheap labor from the kids)

  5. marks256 Says:

    Jameco sells the flex sensors, as well.

  6. Cameron Says:

    Bend sensor is probably based on the wheatstone bridge principle.

  7. ametuerexpert155 Says:

    The ink is probably just some kind of conductive liquid with a resistance value. Might be like saltwater in a sense.

  8. Map Bot -robotti kartoittaa lattian - Hilavitkutin.com - Uutisia tekniikasta, ilmiöistä ja hilavitkuttimista Says:

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  9. sreeraj Says:

    where do i get flex sensors?

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