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April 12, 2008

Mechanical Digital Watch

at 5:12 am. Filed under Complex Hacks, Insane Equipment


Looking for a new watch? If so I am sure this watch would fit the bill, but I am thinking that you may have to sell the yaught to pay for it. This design is completely mechanical and rotates small colored cylinders to display the digital time!

Video interview of the designer.

"Consisting of 651 pieces, the Di Grisogono Meccanica DG (limited to just 177-units) is the world’s first hybrid mechanical-digital watch."

Via: TechEBlog and Gizmodo


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11 Responses to “Mechanical Digital Watch”

  1. shiona Says:

    And all information about this clock you have is that it’s mechanical, digital and it’s made in geneve? I find this to be quite offtopic, considering the name of this website. At least give us some specs, pictures. At least not a video with no footage whatsoever of the watch at question.

  2. Mr. Maigo Says:

    *drool* Now THAT’S what I want in a watch!

  3. Johnny Tee Says:

    While this watch is gorgeous, and I would love to have one (though could never afford one), I’m a little curious as to why all of the pictures show the watch at 12:09 digital time, when the hands are clearly at 10:09.

  4. Alan Parekh Says:

    LOL, I never noticed that Johnny. Good eye, bad for them…

  5. bla Says:

    Thank you. Because the watch is so expensive, I just didn’t dare to make that remark myself.

  6. Mr. Maigo Says:

    10:09 is THE standard time for hands to be set at in ads… it’s rare for them not to be

  7. Wall of Watches | De Grisogono Mechanical Digital Watch Says:

    […] world’s first digital watch powered by mechanical clockworks, by De Grisogono. Hacked Gadgets has a CNN interview with the CEO of the […]

  8. Silent Bob Says:

    Look this is without doubt an amazing piece of engineering and design but lets face it, the Chinese will have a Knock off on the market in 6 months and if you are lucky it will even have the same company name plastered with glee across the bezel. Go the CLONE society!

  9. El primer reloj digital mecánico: BlogInventos Says:

    […] Enlace: Gizmodo | Imagen: HackedGadgets […]

  10. Cuthbert Says:

    Clearly it’s keeping time in two different timezones. 🙂

  11. sam Says:

    A very complicated mechanical watch I highly doubt there will be a clone to this watch, have to say though would love to have one its a very complex, intricate and unique timepiece.

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