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April 8, 2008

Instant Messenger and Skype Contact Online Notification Picture Frame

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David Bue Pedersen from Volunteer Lab Rat has come up with a great way to see at a glance who is online. No need to walk up to your computer and turn off the screen saver anymore! His Online Notification Picture Frame will light up an LED behind the person who is online. The model he built has 5 pictures in it but it can handle up to 22 LED indicators!

"Don’t want to get off the couch to se who’s online on Skype og MSN? Me neither! That’s why I’ve built myself a LED illuminated picture frame that indicate who’s online on my instant messenger. I desided to make a picture frame to support five small passport sized portraits. I made a base in hardwood with two long grooves in which some sheets of polycarbonate could be inserted. I used a metal working mill to cut the grooves but a hand-held wood router should make just as fine cuts.