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March 25, 2008

Plasma Tweeter – Audio with no Speaker

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Martin Grebe tipped us about this cool plasma tweeter in the comment section of this article. Timetec did a fantastic job on building this unit! His musical selection isn’t my favorite but the great operation sure makes up for that.

"Now built the completed circuit on a single PCB. Made vertical electrode setup from tungsten carbide (bottom) + stainless steel (top). Reflector made from PVC pipe with rear mirror, which can be backlit with RGB LED’s. 1/2" gap at base to aid upward convection / cooling and improve flame stability. EHT now slightly lower and the gap size has been reduced."



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23 Responses to “Plasma Tweeter – Audio with no Speaker”

  1. sid Says:

    nice…. =]

  2. chris Says:

    aw how ya gonna hate on the thompson twins alan?

  3. Gordo’s Brain! » Plasma: It’s not just for weapons or transfusions … Says:

    […] Via Hacked Gadgets. […]

  4. Elepski Says:

    The problem is the cancerous ozone it makes….

  5. ME! Says:

    You people sure are gullible as hell.

  6. Alan Parekh Says:

    Sounds like ME is a disbeliever. These devices are real, they don’t sound as good as real speakers but they are amazing!

  7. Tigeris Says:

    Are you willing to release the diagram on how to make the PCB?

  8. marks256 Says:

    Forgive me for my sudden lapse in intelligence (just woke up), but is the sound coming from the arc? That is awesome! It even gives off some bass. I want to make one!!!!

  9. Evernight Says:

    Don’t veleive such a crap. Sound is waves of air and how do the glowing discharge can ever sways an air with precession of music oscillations?

  10. Evernight Says:

    *beleive. It’s a bit too early for 1 april.

  11. Takato Says:

    Right as soon as I played this video, an Alice Deejay song started playing on my pandora, (internet radio station) how random is that?

  12. takato Says:

    OMG, it’s the same song too.

  13. Serge Says:

    To anyone who doesn’t believe it, this has been done before by many other people:




  14. andres Says:

    the plasma produces heat and the heat causes expansion of the air around it causing a pressure wave to form, when the arc stops, it collapses and the other part of the wave is formed. the light is a byproduct, the light doesnt make the sound, its the heat.

  15. Anoxy Says:

    I found this stuff so cool, and i’d love to build one, maybe next year…

    I also leave this comment cause i was listening to an internet radio, and the same alice deejay song was playing just when i started the video… that was funny… but it became real funny when I read Takato’s comment !


  16. stefan Says:

    Another video been uploaded with a track by Dream Theatre.
    a world apart from that Thompsson twins tosh (try saying that fast 🙂

    You can actually see the plasma moving to the music – unreal!


  17. sakis Says:

    in production plasma speakers in ’79


  18. chess Says:

    I did something similar for a science project back in 1972. Used a torch flame to provide an ionized path and drove it with a modulated high voltage DC supply.

  19. Joey Says:

    where’s village people? jaja!
    Ac/Dc rules dude

  20. izidor Says:

    see this and tell me how good that is? http://www.plasmatweeter.de/

  21. John Says:

    Very nice job. My dad had a pair of them back in the late 60s. Even piezoelectric tweeters can’t reproduce sound as crisp and clean as plasma. I’d love to have the schematics. He would get a kick out of it if I could build him a pair like yours.

  22. Izidor Says:

    yas man

    here you have a shem. http://www.volny.cz/jmartis/singing_arc_fm.png
    i’m gona make my wwith this shem. there is the ver vith tl494 but it dosent reproduce the mid’s vell as the sg3525 , here is some material http://www.hvlabs.com/plasmasonic.html so you can make a cheep one .

    You can even use high voltage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZfLGrRodCY like here 300 V DC

    See ya…

  23. klm1 Says:

    This is not new; my father told me when he was in college(late 40’s-early 50’s) he had a friend @ M.S.U. in Lansing MI that had a propane fired tweeter and horn setup-Dad said it sounded
    amazing back then, better than anything he heard since…
    plasma’s inherently efficent, lightest weight to power of any,
    except (maybe) electrostatic’s…

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