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March 24, 2008

New Segway

at 5:52 am. Filed under Funny Hacks


Here is a Segway with tires that are two feet wide! Cool hack that is sure to turn heads, but I still have a thing for the Segway Centaur (video below).



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13 Responses to “New Segway”

  1. marc Says:

    N°1 As stupid as his maker… Not even funny.
    n°2 Seems to be good fun by opposition of the n°1, of course.

  2. GEARFUSE » The Monster Truck Of Segways Says:

    […] Link [via] […]

  3. marks256 Says:

    I want one of the segway centaurs….

  4. Andres Bella Says:

    thats so nice and simple I want one!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. gert Says:

    The Segway with large tires is probably the stupidest way one dumb owner can ruin his one and probably hurt himself too in the process: the Segway uses acceleration/deceleration to achieve stabilization of both its own and the passenger weight, and the additional tires will add more mass, which will reduce the stabilization capabilities of the vehicle.

    The Centaur is really cool. I never even considered buying a traditional Segway both for money constraints and because I live in an area where you can’t drive a single kilometer on a self balancing thing without falling, but if the Centaur will cost a decent amount of money I’ll surely buy one.

  6. Ultimate Offroad Segway Says:

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  7. Modified monster Segway sports 6 wheels - SlipperyBrick Says:

    […] Hacked Gadgets via Gearfuse TAGS: 6 wheel segway, Hacks, Segway Sphere It    SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title:’Modified monster Segway sports 6 wheels’, summary:’Modified monster Segway sports 6 wheels’, icon: ‘http://path.to/icon’ }, {button:true} ); RELATED ARTICLES: NYPD Gets SegwaysThe New York City Police Department has purchased 10 Segway Personal Transporters for its force and …Segway Moves Forward with x2 Segway has continued to “move forward” from its original product – the Segway Personal Transport (…Your Char AwaitsIf you were thinking of getting a Segway at one time but decided not to then maybe you should pay he… Permalink […]

  8. GeekAlerts Says:

    14-Wheel Segway (Video)…

    If Nigel “This one goes to 11” Tufnel from Spinal Tap would ever hack a Segway, maybe the end result would look something like this:

    Watch the video clip above or head over to YouTube. Unfortunately, there is no information about who has creat…

  9. Monster Truck Segway » article » Gadgets Network Says:

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  10. Custom Segways - Segways Hacked! - Heavy Duty Segway and Segway Centaur! | zedomax.com - the coolest DIYs, hacks, gadgets and technology. Says:

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  11. Daily Tech Impressions Says:

    Very cool! Its nice and quiet as well, plus so easy for the wheelies.

  12. immy Says:

    this is just insane lmao monster segway lol

  13. iShoes - Electric Shoes - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] you like the idea of cruising around but find Segways to be a bit big and the Wheelman to be a bit loud have a look at these iShoes. As long as there are no exploding […]

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