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March 23, 2008

PicOx – Open Source Motor Controller for Electric Bike

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 Have a look at the construction details of this Open Source Electric Bike Motor Controller. There are good circuit construction details and diagrams on the creators site.

More details are available on these pages:


"In brief the PicOx is a PicAxe 08M based digital Controller that performs an ADC of a Hall-effect throttle and an ADC of a Hall-based current sensor. These two parameters determine the “Mark” value of a 15Khz PWM signal that does the switching to the Output stage. At the end of the project the Controller can sustain 48V @ 75 Amps repeatedly for approx 5  second bursts and is really only limited by the In-Line breaker that cuts the supply voltage, though the entire system’s overall design objective is met reliably at 48V 50Amp operation…"

Thanks Frank.



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17 Responses to “PicOx – Open Source Motor Controller for Electric Bike”

  1. Red Says:

    Can you send me a parts list and hook-up diagram?

  2. JC Says:

    Could you also send a parts list to me?

  3. sergiu marian Says:

    Hello there,
    I have for my college diploma this project. I’ve been searching material for at least 3 weeks…and finaly i found you:D. Could you send also a part list and a hook-up diagram and also dou you thing i can manage to build it in 1 week? Perhaps it won’t work or perhaps it will…anyway i’m looking forword to hear a.s.a.p…

    Thank you,
    Sergiu Iobagy,

  4. sergiu marian Says:

    You can send me at. zergiulik[at]yahoo[dot]com
    Thanks a milion:D

  5. Stewart Robb Says:

    Hey, I was so happy to find this resource, exactly what I’m looking for, until I realized it was a dead link, please send me details to stewrobb@gmail.com, I would really appreciate it, thanks, Stew

  6. david Says:

    and me too, please! ( dvidxx@hotmail.com ) thanks!

  7. Milan Simonovic Says:

    Can you send me parts list and diagram for controller please?
    You will save me
    Thank you

  8. priyo jatmiko Says:

    Can you send me parts list and diagram for controller please?

  9. saman Says:

    plise help me i need 48v bike eyse moter controle part list and diagram

  10. stojke Says:

    Can you send me parts list and diagram for controller please?

  11. Marcelo Says:

    Link is not working…can you send me?

  12. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Marcelo,

    That site has unfortunately been shut down.

  13. dinesh kumar Says:

    pls send circuit diagram and required parts of 12v e-bike!

  14. bharat mistr Says:

    dear sir,

    i want a schimetic diagram of 1000watt e bike contriller board.
    for repairing purpuse.you also give the detail of sparts which is use on the controller board.
    thank you
    your’s faith fully
    bharat misti

  15. suhail Says:

    Can you send me parts list and diagram for controller please?

  16. batuhan Says:

    I want to make a electricity bike. I saw an model of them and try to move. but that model start to move faster and when make zero to driver level it was stoped. I want make when I move to drivel up , dc motor start with slow speed and when level gone to zero engine must not make drick stop. I cant say you what I want with my bad english but I think you can understand what I need.

  17. Paulo Santos Says:


    I Intersted in this project, but the website now was expired. Do you have another information about this?

    Best regards from Brazil.

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