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March 21, 2008

Custom Made Steel Pencil

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If you are looking for a special steel pencil don’t bother looking for it at your local department store. For something this unique it needs to be custom made! This one for example was made by Nonentity from a piece of solid steel that was removed from an old copy machine.

"I decided that my rotring 600 series drawing pencil was getting too scarce to replace if I lost it, since they don’t make them anymore, and I wanted to make sure I had a replacement that was the same weight, if not heavier, which this is."

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2 Responses to “Custom Made Steel Pencil”

  1. RSK Says:

    PRaskhcbg, how was a comment not yet left? Pardon that horribly constructed sentence. Good job mate, I just purchased for myself a Rotring 600 series 1 .5mm mechanical pencil, $40 via ebay, however you may be my next buy, eh!?

  2. Alva Stulce Says:

    Nice posting

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