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March 16, 2008

Coffee Printer

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How can you make coffee more interesting? You could print fancy designs on it. I am not sure how practical this is but WOW does it ever look cool! 

Many people like to have a cup of coffee in the morning while they read their newspaper and play bingo games online. Latte Art makes your morning coffee more fun than any game you can imagine.

"Long time ago, I saw a great video about “Latte Art”, and figured that I absolutely must build a machine capable of printing the most beautiful art on top of my latte. So I bought a used x-y flatbed plotter (Philips 8155) on eBay and a great book by Matt Gilliland, titled “Inkjet Applications”. I put the two together, to get this nice Latte Art Printing Machine."

Via: Make and Architectradure




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8 Responses to “Coffee Printer”

  1. Elepski Says:

    insane…. would pretty cool to have when hosting a “I’m the pimpest geek” party

  2. Кофейный принтер | Про Гаджеты Says:

    [...] Источник [...]

  3. Video: DIY Coffee Printer in Action » The UberReview Says:

    [...] Hacked Gadgets Tags: coffee, printers, [...]

  4. Coming Soon to a Starbucks Near You Says:

    [...] I just love it when geeks have too much time on their hands. Really, I do. This sort of thing could spawn a whole new coffee subculture of latte art. How long before we see this in Starbucks? Check out how to build your own at Oleksiy Pikalo Invents. HT: Hacked Gadgets [...]

  5. Atilla Says:

    This is so hot!(Lika a coffee) Does it inject any material or just some air?

  6. Cool Mods - The Coffee Printer | Geeky Gadgets Says:

    [...] via Dvice and Hacked Gadgets. [...]

  7. mmm Says:

    I am so disappointed to see a corporate logo as the first thing drawn with this. As if they need to print their logo on anything else. Cool idea gone very wrong.

  8. I New Idea Homepage » Coffee printer Says:

    [...] [source] [...]

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