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March 11, 2008

Malfunctioning Elmo utters Death Threats – What can be done? I think death is an option!

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When a Malfunctioning Elmo utters Death Threats what can be done? Seems that there is a small bug in the new Elmo that can plug into a computer to enhance its vocabulary. When the batteries were changed the Elmo toy started to say "Kill James". James is the name of the little boy who plays with the toy! To make it worse he now repeats the phrase… While I think no one will be traumatized for life I wonder what went wrong to make this happen? Could there be some secret phrases (easter eggs) that are only released when certain events are performed? Time will only tell. You might remember the funny burning Elmo video we featured some time ago. Have a look at the new lot of Elmo videos below. Warning if you have little children around who love Elmo, please have them leave the room first. 🙂 The first video might be considered racial by some people, it is all in fun but don’t watch it is this type of video turns you off.