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March 10, 2008

FPGA Pac-Man

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FPGA chips are very powerful, have a look at this FPGA video game implementation that used to require a custom board and complex circuitry to make work.

"The original Pac-man arcade game, implemented inside a single Xilinx Spartan-3E chip on a Spartan-3E Starter Kit. None of the extra hardware on the board is used, the chip in the middle implements the complete arcade board of the original game!"


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4 Responses to “FPGA Pac-Man”

  1. Shadyman Says:


  2. DIY Pacman on a Single Tiny Chip, A Double Dose of Super Awesomeness » The UberReview Says:

    […] Hacked Gadgets Tags: DIY, Electronics, […]

  3. Myself Says:

    Jeri Ellsworth, who designed the C64DTV, will be giving a presentation at this year’s Notacon about FPGA demomaking.

  4. olecom Says:

    Why no one is making updated hardware to text mode of VGA?

    More colors, more character attributes, visual effects, like region or per-character gradients, etc.
    Modern software drivers for frame buffers are so slow, even on NHz && GHz hype things…

    Yet, many jack off on text mode demos: http://www.taat.fi/tmdc/

    Oh well…

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