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March 8, 2008

Tool Box ATV

at 5:02 am. Filed under Funny Hacks


If you are working on a big job site an ATV is sure to be a great way to get around. But what about you tools? You could strap a small chest to the back of the ATV but sooner or later you will need to go back to your main tool box to grab something. This cross between an ATV and a Tool Box seems to solve that problem, just drive your tool box around so that you have everything you may need! 🙂


Via: Red Ferret



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3 Responses to “Tool Box ATV”

  1. ATV Urge Says:

    Haha. Thats crazy, I love it.

  2. BigD145 Says:

    I have witnessed horrible gas mileage.

  3. Alexander Sverdlov Says:

    Totally wrong setup. You could mount it as a wagon, and not destroy the vehicle.

    Why wrong setup? because this thing now lacks suspension. The only thing it has is looking crazy and being useless because it’s not a pleasant feeling to ride it this way for long time.

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